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Neptune Nature School Is a Coastal Classroom in Alameda

Teachers Barbara Bick and Dan Burr created Neptune Nature School, which adheres to a forest school philosophy, after an Alameda preschool closed its doors mid-season.
January 09, 2020

Wednesday's Briefing: Newsom to sign order creating $750m fund to help residents pay their rent

January 08, 2020

Sylvia Fein Displays Persistence of Vision

The Berkeley Art Museum hosts an exhibition by East Bay painter Sylvia Fein, who just celebrated her 100th birthday and is the Last Surviving Surrealist.
January 08, 2020

Arrival of the Inner East Bay

It’s the strongest real estate market in the Bay Area.
January 08, 2020

Filmmaker Liz Sher Profiles Alameda’s Weezie Mott

Known as the Julia Child of Alameda, Weezie Mott proves an interesting subject for filmmaker Liz Sher’s documentary: Weezie Mott: Still Cookin’.
January 07, 2020

Fatha Hines’ Final Resting Place

Pay your respects to the world’s greatest piano player at Evergreen Cemetery.
January 07, 2020

More Demand for the East Bay

Our neighbors to the west and south are learning the Inner East Bay is a great place to live.
January 07, 2020

Tuesday’s Briefing: Wiener to unveil new SB50 bill in Oakland; Bonta unveils California Green New Deal

January 07, 2020

The Practice Space helps people of all ages find their voices.

Educator and ethnographer AnnMarie Baines founded The Practice Space so people can learn to speak publicly effectively and be heard.
January 06, 2020

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Now Open for Bikes and Pedestrian Traffic

A long-awaited link from the East Bay to Marin County became a reality this fall, allowing bicyclists and pedestrians to cross the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. Fans better use the pathway — or else.
January 06, 2020