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Park Art

Worry has given way to a “nice rooted phase” for artist Ginny Parsons. Her mixed-media paintings of oil spills and endangered birds were infused not only with beeswax, stain remover, and detergent—“the materials of motherhood” —but also “some inescapable evidence of a world bigger than the happy ending.” Rather than a warning or lamentation, her current work celebrates a local microcosm of nature: Lincoln Park, so close to her home studio that it is practically an extension of her backyard.

Font of Design

Free Spirit

Over the years, my father aspired to be a lot of things: a poet, a musician, a guru. But he never wanted to be my father.

Out on the Town

Out on the Town

Out on the Town

May/June 2013 Calendar

Out on the Town

Calendar March and April 2013

Camera Queen

When Alameda photographer Anne Ross was in Budapest last May, she expanded her “Inside the Mind of a Doll” series with a doll she purchased at a local flea market and then photographed in a graveyard.

Out on the Town

January-February 2013 Calendar


Patricia Edith: Saved by Art