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Introducing the Vietnamese Version of Waffles

The pandan waffles at Monster Pho are deliciously crisp honeycombed green things piled high with whipped cream and ice cream—your new favorite dessert.

Asian Fusion, Vegan Simplicity, and Bowling for Burgers

Oasis Grill, Parlour, Potala Organic Cafe, plank, and Zen Asian Fusion + Tapas

Uptown’s Parlour Dishes Out Cal-Ital Fare

It feels more like a trendy Valencia Street eatery, but Parlour is decidedly Oakland.

B-Side Baking Co. Easily Finds Fans

Tanya Holland’s barbecue replacement creates a stir for the commuter set with delectable quiches, pies, biscuits, and banana bread. Coming soon: lunch.

A Baltic Peace Dividend at Mama Papa Lithuania

Mama Papa is less concerned with promoting esoteric delicacies than with presenting humble yet restaurant-worthy versions of Lithuanian home cooking.

A Pub for the Commonwealth

Tambo Pleases With Peruvian Plates

Until you can make your own pilgrimage to the Andes, dip into the many appetizers, entrees, and desserts that chef/owner Patricia Rios has packed into her bountiful menu at Tambo where she radiates luminary charm and creates unpretentiously artful plates as pleasing to eye as to the palate.

Smoke’s Poutinere Brings the Canadian Poutine to Berkeley

Poutines are loaded fries, but loaded fries are not poutiness, and while the East Bay is loaded with loaded fries, Canada’s signature offering is relatively hard to come by. Until now, with the arrival of Smoke’s Poutinerie in Berkeley.

Go to Galeto Brazilian Grill for Meat

It’s hard not to like a place where the hostesses and hosts exude unrelenting charm, the crowd is the epitome of Oakland’s multicultural (Latin, African American, Asian, Caucasian) population and adventuresome fashion (did you see that skirt, that jacket, those heels?!); and where anyone on a paleo diet might just think he or she has achieved nirvana.

Saul’s Does Chicken Soup Right

This chicken soup with matzo balls maybe bare and basic, but not one ingredient is lost in the simplicity.