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Theater and Dance

Dancers Who Sing, Talk, and Chant

Geek Out

Comic Con, J-Pop, and Bill Nye are the nerd magnets on tap this month.

State of the Arts

Acclaimed artists, composers, and filmmakers create a robust roster for the East Bay arts season opening this fall.

The Original Alternative Facts

Oakland’s Ubuntu Theater Project's "Rashomon" shows Aug. 25 to Sept. 17 at Brooklyn Preserve.

Ailey Camp Offers Don’t-Miss Dance

The high point of the yearly Ailey Camp is a professionally choreographed “graduation” performance in Zellerbach, free to the public.

Catalyst for Conversation

Eric Ting shakes things up at Cal Shakes.

Psychedelic Fairyland in the Woods

Kennedy Grove hosts We Players’ "Midsummer of Love."

Ethnic Dance Finds Legitimacy

World Dance has finally found its place in a major concert venue.

An Evening of Rude Awakenings

"Confirmation" and "Machinalia" run June 1-11 at Brooklyn Preserve.

An All-Lustig Showcase at Laney

Plus, Oakland Ballet hosts a vigorous dance fest.