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To Sell the Property, They Throw a Party

Real estate sales techniques get very creative to attract attention to properties.

It’s Not So Easy to Rent in the East Bay

Tales of finding a place to live in the East Bay, where the cost has risen and the pickings are slim.

Vertical Walls Popping Up Everywhere

Here in the Bay Area, people are fond of the unconventional garden. Locals know that grass isn’t the only way to fill a front yard—vegetables and shrubs work, too—and they don’t shy away from a good-looking rock display, either. So it’s not surprising that living walls have taken root here in a major way.

Tuscon Thrives With Arts

Thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars and a decade of art therapy, the Tuscon arts scene rivals Santa Fe's.

Make Your Way to Sausalito

The ferry ride to Sausalito—ranked by National Geographic Magazine as the third-best city boat trip in the world—offers unrivaled views of the Bay in all directions and sets an expectant tone for a day trip to Sausalito.

Gems of the Dimond District

In October, Oaktoberfest brings beer lovers from all over the Bay Area to the Dimond District. But the Dimond’s offerings are far more diverse than just a local beer festival on a crisp fall day. You can visit Fruitvale Avenue for a smattering of independent shops and lush parkland any day of the year.

Expand Your Real Estate Horizons

The editor recalls house hunting, clever sales techniques, and renting in the East Bay.

Santa Cruz in the Off Season

A winter trip to Santa Cruz takes in the sights, from Seabright Brewery to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.

Travel to Mendocino Village, Caspar, and Fort Bragg

Splendor dominates Mendocino County's man-mande and natural attractions.

Renovating a Home of a Certain Age

An Alameda interior decorator, Sarah Coombs, talks to real estate agents about updating houses.