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BART’s No-Nonsense GM Grace Crunican

Grace Crunican was running through her standard list of questions: What do you think of BART? Are the trains on time? Are they clean? How about the stations? Do you feel safe?

Ecstatic Dance Equals Bliss on the Dance Floor

When venturing out for a night of Ecstatic Dance, your getting-ready routine will be a bit different. You do not need flashy clothing to pass the red rope, a pocket of cash to impress everyone at the bar, or pick-up lines to prove your unstoppable charm. It’s not that kind of party.

Alameda Health System Changes the Landscape

The hospital landscape in Alameda County looks very different these days.

Webster Versus Park

A few years ago in Alameda, I strolled the length of Park Street on a summer afternoon and then did the same on Webster Street the next day. I jotted down impressions on the vibe of both thoroughfares and took copious notes about what the streetscapes looked like and who walked and shopped and hung out on the main drags.

Greetings From Oakland!

Greetings from Oakland! displays historic postcards collected by Gary Lenhart at AlamedaInfo.com. To view more postcards, or contribute to this collection, visit the website.

Gerry Garzon's Big Idea

For librarian Gerry Garzon, there is nothing more important than reading.“

Talk About Cats and Prison

That's How I Am

Lake Merrritt Barbecue Feedback

The gatherings are great but participants need to cleanup after themselves.

Zennie's Rant and Some Eye Rolling

Letters and Facebook posts.

Barbecuing It Up at Lake Merritt

At noon there’s no sign of them. By 1:30 p.m., a couple of coolers have arrived. When 3 o’clock rolls around, the grills are lit and smoking, the beers are chilling, and the Rémys unscrewed, and music is erupting along the water from Borden Way to Wayne Avenue. This is the new Sunday afternoon scene at Lake Merritt: a boisterous, crowd-filled departure from the grassy goose playground it usually is.