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JaYing Wang Masters the Mosaic

New Susan Sontag Documentary

It was a day much like any other in her Berkeley office in the Zaentz Media Center when Nancy Kates was struck with the idea of making a documentary about the late essayist and novelist Susan Sontag. “I went home and I had seven of the 16 books she published while she was alive,” Kates recalls. “That said something to me.”

Markings of Milestone

You know a gallery is a nexus of civilization when the Minister of Culture himself exhibits there. In June, Joyce Gordon Gallery hosted the prints of graphic artist Emory Douglas, who held that title in the Black Panthers and was responsible for the artwork in its newspaper in the 60s and 70s.

Abracadabra Association

A black-waistcoated, ponytailed man pulls a ball of light from his assistant’s ear. He pulls more glowing orbs from his forehead and hands, then makes his glowing wand appear to levitate.

Self-Haters, Animal Lovers, and Trendsetters

Unworthy, Zooburbia, and This Is Oakland get mentions in Media Shelf.

This Month's Highlights

Robots, National Poetry Slam, Independence Day, Supermoons, and Classic Films.

July and August Calendar Listings

A roster of events going on this month.

Remembering Dream Francisco

John Francisco works hard to keep the legacy of his brother, Mike “Dream” Francisco, alive. Dream, a prolific Oakland graffiti artist, was the fatal victim of an armed robbery in Oakland in February 2000. His murder left behind a hole in the Bay Area hip-hop community and also an infant son, Akil.

Miriam Infinger Breaks Free Through Art

Miriam Infinger’s family loaded up their trailer and headed West from Illinois, finally settling in Alaska, where she grew up alongside the boy who would eventually be Sarah Palin’s pastor.

Portrait of Iconoclastic Eugene Tssui

Kyung Lee, like countless people before her, was more than impressed by her first encounter with one-of-a-kind East Bay architect Eugene Tssui.