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Oakland’s Baby Boot Camp expands to Alameda.

The skies may be cloudy on a late-summer morning at Oakland’s Lake Temescal, but that doesn’t faze Baby Boot Camp owner/instructor Mary McQueen. Cheerfully she greets the day’s group of women and their babies before sending them off, the kids tucked securely in strollers, to warm up with a jog around the perimeter of the parking lot. As the women come back around, McQueen gathers them in a circle near the grass and directs them to begin a couple of sets of jumping jacks. “You got it, Ariana! Nice job, Laura,” she calls. “Grab some water, Megan!” Pretty soon they’re running along a trail into the park to the next station, where they’ll sweat through a round of (aptly-named) burpees—aka squat thrusts—while their babies enjoy the scenery.

The East Bay's Best Doctors

Being considered the best at anything often means taking on extraordinary challenges and succeeding—even if the odds aren’t in your favor. For the past 20 years, Best Doctors Inc., a company founded by two Harvard physicians, has conducted a peer-to-peer survey of the medical profession asking physicians, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?”

The List of Best Doctors

These lists are excerpted from The Best Doctors in America’s 2013 database, which includes more than 45,000 doctors in more than 40 medical specialties. The Best Doctors in America’s database is compiled and maintained by Best Doctors, Inc. For more information, visit www.bestdoctors.com or contact Best Doctors by telephone at 800-675-1199 or by e-mail at research@bestdoctors.com. Please note that lists of doctors are not available on the Best Doctors Web site.

The Active Traveler

Juggling the fall routine is getting frustrating. One kid’s in soccer practice, another is in gymnastics, and my work schedule is proving unreliable for keeping my summer strength workout routine. Any advice for what I can do?

Rules of Engagement

Parents from across the Bay Area bring their children with autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to Susan Diamond’s cozy cottage in Alameda to work on social skills. Author of Social Rules for Kids: The Top 100 Social Rules Kids Need to Succeed, Diamond is a licensed speech-language pathologist who diagnoses and treats communication disorders, including autism.

Core Meals

What was your life mission when you were 20-something? Corey Rennell, 27, wants to revolutionize the way people eat.

Pedal Pushers

Alameda boasts the longest swimming beach in Alameda County, a 6-mile bike path around Bay Farm Island, the state’s first protected marine area, a 25-mph speed limit, totally flat roads and some fantastic restaurants.

Avvo Rates the East Bay’s Best Doctors

269 Physicians in 56 Specialties Top the Charts

Best Doctors, Best Practices

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the nation’s top-ranked physicians, yet it can still be challenging to find a doctor who takes your individual health plan or is accepting new patients.

And the Trainer Sez

I am worried, because the holidays are almost here, and I know they will be crammed. I want to get my exercise in and have family time, too, but I don’t want to gain weight. What should I do?