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East Bay Children’s Book Project puts books into kids’ hands.

Oh, the places you’ll go!” Dr. Seuss famously said, and his admiring exclamation certainly applies to the East Bay Children’s Book Project, started in 2005 by a few retired teachers who wanted to give books to kids with little or no access to the written word. Little did the tiny band of literacy warriors know that less than a decade later, the books distributed would number almost a million—and counting.

New Books on Jack London, Alameda Artists, and Southeast Asia Travel

New books of interest to Bay Area readers.

Conceptual artist Mark Wagner puts drawing front and center on abandoned courts.

Mark Wagner of Hearts & Bones Studio (www.heartsandbones.com) is no ordinary artist. From creating concept art for feature films to creating a world-record chalk drawing with kids in Alameda to drawing on the desert floor at Burning Man, this energetic and frenetic Alameda artist, also a dad, is on fire.

Fine arts photographer Douglas Despres waits for life to happen from behind his camera.

Gone are the days when wedding photography entailed arranging guests in the stilted formations still the norm at family reunions. Weddings have evolved into a documentary or fashion shoot, where the brides and grooms are the supermodels and the A-list actors on their special day. To preserve the big day, you want a photographer with the eye of a fine artist and the timing of the paparazzi: You want someone like Douglas Despres. His Helios Images wedding photography business is based in Alameda, where he resides.

A peek into the mind of Reverend Michael Yoshii.

Known for his human rights advocacy and commitment to social justice, humanitarian award-winning Rev. Michael Yoshii, senior pastor of Buena Vista United Methodist Church (2311 Buena Vista Ave., Alameda), is a man of peace and understanding. He speaks frankly about his faith, and his callings offer a glimpse into why he is so revered.

Media Shelf

Mac and cheese lovers, listen up: This book by two recipe developers can turn your simple pasta-and-cheesy world upside down. Oakland-based Stephanie Stiavetti, the foodstress behind TheCulinaryLife.com, and Sacramento’s Garrett McCord of VanillaGarlic.com dive into the comfort zone of mac and cheese and turn the familiar into the extraordinary.

Wine, Women and … Waffles?

“Here’s to wine and waffles,” may seem like an odd wedding toast, but not if the newlyweds are Ken and Vickie Monize. That’s because the combination perfectly describes their union as well as their new restaurant, Wine and Waffles on Park Street.

Out on the Town

November 2013 Calendar

The Iceman Createth

You have to be gung-ho, in-the-moment creative and a risk-taker to be an ice sculptor. That it is an extreme art form becomes clear chatting with Dana Eng, who has been making his glinting multifaceted ephemeral creations since the 1970s, which is when the third-generation San Franciscan moved to Oakland.

Twin Art Stars Shine on Park Street

Pruning that can seem radical and overzealous often produces renewed healthy growth in plants and trees. Luckily for Alameda, the same can be said for Jacqueline Cooper’s Autobody Fine Art, which closed in early 2011. Now two galleries share the space at 1517 Park Street: Cooper’s reinvigorated Autobody Fine Art, and popUp Gallery, directed by Gabriele Bungardt and Mi’Chelle Fredrick.