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Best Doctors, Best Practices

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the nation’s top-ranked physicians, yet it can still be challenging to find a doctor who takes your individual health plan or is accepting new patients.

Avvo Rates the East Bay’s Best Doctors

269 Physicians in 56 Specialties Top the Charts

One Badass Biz

A swarm of women clad in tank tops and white sneakers thunders down the sidewalk near Jack London Square.

And the Trainer Sez

Help a girlfriend out, please! I finally joined the gym and am confused by the new cardio classes — Tabata, HIIT and 321 to name a few. What happened to Step Class? I just want to lose some pounds.

Altered States?

If you’re a person of a certain age, you probably remember the 1980 movie Altered States, in which a young William Hurt takes hallucinogenic drugs, floats in a “sensory deprivation tank” and finds himself devolving along the evolutionary chain into a proto-human monkey.

Moms Unite

Hooking up with a mom’s group is pretty much de rigueur for any new mom.

And the Trainer Sez

Question: I have fallen out of my groove. I try to exercise, but seem to get out of my workout schedule, because of carpooling around my kids and working full time. How can I make my exercise goal of working out 5 times per week actually happen?

Futsal Fever

Stop by the basketball courts at the Alameda Point Gym on any Friday night and you’ll see up to 50 people — boys and girls, 20-somethings and middle-aged adults — playing what seems like fast-moving, mini soccer games with a strange ball.

CrossFit Craze Spreads to Alameda

Intense, crazy, downright dangerous — these are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe CrossFit, a fitness program that is leaving the underground world of DIY at-home “boxes” (i.e., home gyms designed for CrossFit workouts) and entering the mainstream world of “regular” gyms and clubs.

Modern Medicine

When you’re looking for a new doctor or you need to help a family member find a physician in a specific specialty area, where do you turn?