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Popular Powder Rooms

Does this sound familiar? Years ago you bought a great house. It has a sunny living room, a sizable yard, and enough bedrooms to fit your family. There’s just one problem: It could really use another bathroom. You’d consider moving to a bigger place, but with the market the way it is, that’s not an option. And you just can’t stomach the thought of a major renovation. So what to do? One solution will make your day-to-day much easier and substantially increase your home’s value: adding a powder room.

School Smarts Demystifies AUSD Classrooms

On a recent Tuesday night at Alameda’s Maya Lin School, 25 parents sit attentively despite being squished into small chairs. Instructor Gina Acebo stands at the blackboard under a rainbow, next to a column of international flags, and asks, “How do we increase face-to-face communication?”

Oakland Slow on Urban-Ag Incentive Front

Oakland food-justice advocates have long dreamed of turning local vacant lots into small farms and community gardens. At the end of last year, many hoped that AB 551, a new state law building incentives into urban agriculture practices, would be the push needed to turn Oakland’s blighted land into blood oranges. But those eager for speedy implementation will have to exercise patience.

Berkeley’s Westbrae Wakes Up

Once known as Ocean View for its sweeping views of the Golden Gate, West Berkeley has been many things: a stagecoach stop, an offbeat arts community, an industrial hub, and, most recently, a premier East Bay shopping destination, thanks in part to Fourth Street’s still-growing stretch of stores and restaurants.

Décor Tips Tips for Your Big Day

"It’s your day.” That’s a common refrain for any big event: wedding, bar mitzvah, and quinceañera alike. But how do you design a celebration that really feels like you?

Backyard Beekeeping Gains Fans

You don't need your own beehive to enjoy honey anymore in the East Bay.

To Sell the Property, They Throw a Party

Real estate sales techniques get very creative to attract attention to properties.

It’s Not So Easy to Rent in the East Bay

Tales of finding a place to live in the East Bay, where the cost has risen and the pickings are slim.

Tuscon Thrives With Arts

Thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars and a decade of art therapy, the Tuscon arts scene rivals Santa Fe's.

Make Your Way to Sausalito

The ferry ride to Sausalito—ranked by National Geographic Magazine as the third-best city boat trip in the world—offers unrivaled views of the Bay in all directions and sets an expectant tone for a day trip to Sausalito.