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Alameda’s First Husband Rod Gilmore finally gets a chance to talk football.

Oakland-bred Alameda attorney Rod Gilmore doesn’t get to talk football with his fellow Islanders much. That’s because his wife, Marie, is the mayor, and locals would rather yak it up with her about stuff like the latest graffiti abatement strategy. Sheesh. If they only knew about Gilmore’s other gig as a high-octane ESPN college football analyst. In the spirit of conversational fairness, I called out the former early ’80s Stanford defensive back recently so he could vent—about college football that is.

Oakland without pro sports?

Oaklanders opine about The Town without pro sports.

The 6 Questions: Deborah Ellen

WHO: Deborah Ellen. WHAT: Spirited Paws, a private canine and feline massage practice serving the East Bay, offers Swedish techniques to inspire relaxation, rehabilitation, and range of motion for small animals as a complement to veterinary care.

Art Meets Auto Repair

By day, Uptown Body & Fender is an auto body shop; by night—on First Friday nights when galleries open their doors for Oakland’s Art Murmur and on occasional other evenings—it’s an art gallery with a philanthropic twist.

Out on the Town

November 2013 Calendar

The Video Arcade Comes of Age

Those well-versed in the history of video games fondly remember the heyday of the video arcade in the late ’70s and early ’80s. There, among the mullet-coiffed in a spirit of camaraderie fueled by nacho cheese Doritos and Mountain Dew, records were broken on classic games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. All for the price of a fistful of quarters.

Media Shelf

Mac and cheese lovers, listen up: This book by two recipe developers can turn your simple pasta-and-cheesy world upside down. Oakland-based Stephanie Stiavetti, the foodstress behind TheCulinaryLife.com, and Sacramento’s Garrett McCord of VanillaGarlic.com dive into the comfort zone of mac and cheese and turn the familiar into the extraordinary.

Twin Art Stars Shine on Park Street

Pruning that can seem radical and overzealous often produces renewed healthy growth in plants and trees. Luckily for Alameda, the same can be said for Jacqueline Cooper’s Autobody Fine Art, which closed in early 2011. Now two galleries share the space at 1517 Park Street: Cooper’s reinvigorated Autobody Fine Art, and popUp Gallery, directed by Gabriele Bungardt and Mi’Chelle Fredrick.

The Iceman Createth

You have to be gung-ho, in-the-moment creative and a risk-taker to be an ice sculptor. That it is an extreme art form becomes clear chatting with Dana Eng, who has been making his glinting multifaceted ephemeral creations since the 1970s, which is when the third-generation San Franciscan moved to Oakland.

Alt Work Option

In the growing industry of alternative work places, a group of dynamic and socially conscious women have founded Impact Hub Oakland, a co-working space for social innovators and entrepreneurs. The space operates weekdays at 1423 Broadway in newly renovated Uptown space as the latest branch of the Global Hub Network, which spans more than 30 cities worldwide.