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From East End to Analog

This month, we’ve been eating pizza at East End, reimagined simplicity at Gather, basics at Basic Café, deliciousness at Chowhaus, and vegan and veggie stuff at Analog.

El Burro Picante Builds a Better Burrito With its Gringo Burrito

A Southern California—or is that Albuquerque?—fantastic food find meanders north, marrying burritos with french fries.

It’s a New Era for Vegans at Millennium Restaurant in Rockridge

Eric Tucker leaves San Francisco behind and with Alison Bagby brings high-concept vegan creations to Millenium Restaurant, the Rockridge spot that didn’t work for meat-centric Box & Bells.

Clove & Hoof Does Dinner Now

An upscale butchery and restaurant on the Broadway corridor of East Temescal expands hours to bring dinner to the meat-oriented masses, though includes plenty of meatless side dishes.

KronnerBurger Enlivens Piedmont Avenue

Fancy hamburgers and choice sides reach masterpiece levels at this new culinary outpost.

Chowhaus Elevates Dining in Montclair

What is a Chowhaus? It’s something akin to the roadhouse chop bars of West Africa and the gasthäuser of Germany, both important as community gathering places. Based on our experience over three visits, Chowhaus could become that for Montclair.

Introducing the Vietnamese Version of Waffles

The pandan waffles at Monster Pho are deliciously crisp honeycombed green things piled high with whipped cream and ice cream—your new favorite dessert.

Asian Fusion, Vegan Simplicity, and Bowling for Burgers

Oasis Grill, Parlour, Potala Organic Cafe, plank, and Zen Asian Fusion + Tapas

Uptown’s Parlour Dishes Out Cal-Ital Fare

It feels more like a trendy Valencia Street eatery, but Parlour is decidedly Oakland.

B-Side Baking Co. Easily Finds Fans

Tanya Holland’s barbecue replacement creates a stir for the commuter set with delectable quiches, pies, biscuits, and banana bread. Coming soon: lunch.