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Letters to the Editor

Hooray for Cat Brewer and Bowl’d

Readers pine for more deaf access at theaters, fall for Bowl’d, and like the new blog.
May 02, 2016

Hot Over Lack of Helmets

Readers chastise us for photographing helmet-less riders in the article on Central Avenue changes.
May 02, 2016

Feedback on Housing and Technology

Plus readers like MAKBuilt boomboxes and MOD pizza.
April 02, 2016

Callous Comment on Rice

A reader explains the grain as a prime tenet of community.
March 02, 2016

Disagreement Over Spencer’s Record on Appointments

Readers have a lot to say about mayor’s leadership.
January 01, 2016

A Good Hire: Kevin Kearney

Readers have their say on hirings, content, fish sauce, Barbara Dane, and Habor Bay Club.
December 02, 2015

Alertness Applies to Alameda Drivers and Pedestrians

Pedestrians are not much of a challenge for cars, but the solution is for both drivers and walkers to be ultra alert.
November 02, 2015

I’m Punk and Proud of It

An upstanding post-punk member of the community, Dave Dalton, says thanks. Meanwhile, Italian Colors defends Montclair, and there are more pro-Harbor Bay Club letters.
October 16, 2015

Taking Tavares to Task

Readers have a lot to say about our opinionated political coverage and the Harbor Bay Club.
September 05, 2015

Harbor Bay Club Opposition Speaks Up

Readers complain about our Harbor Bay Club coverage and defend the mayor.
July 01, 2015