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New Café Is the Cat’s Meow

Trendy business pairs kitties with caffeinated humans.

She’s Jamming in Dallas

Amanda Jamitinya brings it on in the Roller Derby World Cup.

She’s Jamming in Dallas

Amanda Jamitinya brings it on in the Roller Derby World Cup.

Gathering for the Arts Pops Up in the East Bay

Alameda resident Yollanda Gonzales started hosting an art salon in her apartment every month last year until her audience outgrew her space. Now she holds her salon in various places around the East Bay, as a pop-up venue that may move its location but doesn’t lose its vibe.

Julia Park Tracey Appointed Alameda Poet Laureate

Alameda has a new poet laureate, the second it the city’s history: Julia Park Tracey. Tracey, 51, is an award-winning writer, editor, journalist, and activist who was appointed in September to a two-year term in the honorary position.

Greetings From Alameda

Greetings from Alameda displays historic postcards collected by Gary Lenhart at AlamedaInfo.com.

New Life for The UC Theatre

The benighted and newly engaged couple of Brad and Janet, the doomed Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and the rest of the zany crew from Transsexual, Transylvania, are headed back to Berkeley. The UC Theatre on University Avenue, which hosted the longest running sequence of The Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screenings, is going to open its doors again after 14 years, and the interactive, costumed late-night romp will once again be welcome, says David Mayeri, the board president of the nonprofit group behind the theater’s resurrection. But film will be only a small part of the offerings on tap at the new UC, which closed its doors in 2001 when Landmark Theatres balked at investing more than $1 million for seismic upgrades.

TVs, Radios, and Picture Tubes

Old radios, microphones, and televisions lined up everywhere. Fifteen hundred stacked boxes of vacuum tubes, books, magazines, photographs, phonographs, amplifiers, audiotapes, testing equipment, and old signs. These are among the artifacts at the new home of the California Historical Radio Society at 2152 Central Ave.

The East Bay Review Debuts

Over beers in a rental in Mendocino one evening, six young writers kicked around the idea of starting a new literary magazine-a journal that would publish what they liked to read, not be too polite, and tap into the East Bay’s thriving literary scene.

Full-tilt Fall Arts Preview

The fall arts season offers exciting programming across many genres.