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Monday’s Briefing: Berkeley School Board President Hit By Car, Seriously Injured; Low-Income Commuters to Get 20% BART Discount

January 07, 2019

New Hotel Could Bring Rewards

The planned Marriott Residence Inn at Harbor Bay Business Park promises to boost city tax revenues and provide much-needed ferry parking. But local residents are seeing red.
January 04, 2019

Rigel Robinson Represents the Next Generation

At 22, the recent Cal grad is the youngest-ever member of the Berkeley City Council, and he’s replacing 22-year council veteran Kriss Worthington.
January 04, 2019

Wildcard Brings Ale Storms to Albany

A new craft brewer expands its Redding footprint to a hub in the East Bay.
January 04, 2019

2019 Food Trends: Gaming Cafés, Hummus Cookies, Cheese Tea

Carbonated coffee is also on af&co.'s highly anticipated annual predictions list.
January 03, 2019

REBBL Launches New Year Super-Herb Campaign

Yoga instructor/vegan chef Koya Webb is helping the Emeryville elixir outfit spread the word.
January 03, 2019

Thursday’s Briefing: High Court Rejects Police Challenge to Transparency Law; National Parks Get Trashed in Shutdown

January 03, 2019

Sculptor Andrew Miguel Fuller Creates Figurative and Nonfigurative Art

The Oakland artist takes urban detritus with a former life and makes it something anew through artistic detour.
January 03, 2019

Two Shows Explore Materials, Culture, and Identity

Naturalized American citizen artists show that, in the empire of art, people can have dual loyalties and resolve their cultural differences.
January 03, 2019

Wednesday’s Briefing: Oakland Homicides Drop to Lowest Level in 19 Years; Newsom Wants to Spend $1.8B on Early Childhood Programs

January 02, 2019