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Tuesday’s Briefing: Alameda County Gets Trump Admin Grant for ICE Cooperation; You Need to Make $171K to Buy House in Bay Area

Plus, a federal judge blocks Trump administration plan to punish sanctuary cities.

Books for At-Home Chefs

New cookbooks demystify Burmese flavors, holiday cookies, and vegan dishes.

Being a Long-Distance Caregiver

Experts say that when caring for an elderly parent who lives far away, the most important thing is to join a support group with people experiencing the same challenges.

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy—Convenience and Excellent Outcomes for Breast Cancer Patients

Fellowship trained breast surgical oncologist Veronica Shim MD, specializes in personalized breast cancer treatment and hereditary women's cancer risk management at Kaiser Permanente’s Oakland Medical Center. “For many of our patients, breast cancer is a chronic disease—the time between diagnosis and survivorship can be a long journey,” says Dr. Shim. “As a breast surgical oncologist, I work with a team of breast care experts to assist my patients in developing a treatment plan that reflects the patient’s personal values.” KP Oakland Medical Center offers intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IRT) to a selected group of early breast cancer patients to provide more convenient option to the traditional radiation method.

Monday’s Briefing: Oakland Gets 255 Legal Pot Permit Applications; Another State Legislator Accused of Sexual Harassment

Plus, President Trump calls for Oakland Raiders to suspend Marshawn Lynch.

Cookbook Photographer Anya Ku Tries Law School

Pushing setbacks aside, a young Oakland go-getter funnels her energy toward law after a successful cookbook project.

Local Chefs Dish On Their Favorite Recipes

Inspired chefs share Winning recipes for oysters, birds, veggies, sides, and cakes, so you can impress your own friends and family.

Friday’s Briefing: Oakland Housing Market Is 3rd Most Competitive; State to Allow Mega Cannabis Farms

Plus, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin under investigation for campaign finance violations.

Bellanico Puts Red Kuri Squash to Good Use

Chef Jonathan Luce shares a recipe for sformato and chicory insalata starring red kuri squash.

Perle Wine Bar & Bistro Is Upscale, Refined, and Defined

A Montclair newcomer pays gracious attention to detail and delivers well-executed Cal-French flavors.