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There’s Nothing Funny about the Funny Bone

Most of us have been unlucky enough to experience that “electric” shock of pain when whacking our “funny bone” just so. The pain generated from a small bump to the ulnar nerve is enough to bring tears to your eyes. Now, imagine that type pain on an ongoing basis–in your back, neck, legs, or feet. UCSF assistant professor and neuroradiologist Doctor Vinil Shah is at the vanguard of nerve treatment, employing modern imaging technology to diagnose, treat, and optimally resolve nerve pain.

Back to Our Roots with Western Herbal Medicine: Ancient Plant-based Remedies for a Modern World

Too much stress, not enough exercise or sleep—now toss in a poor diet and environmental factors like air pollution or exposure to toxic chemicals. If this sounds like your life, you’re not alone. Physical and environmental stressors can take their toll on your health, leading to premature aging and a host of diseases. When you’re ready to get back in balance, a little help from Mother Nature is a great place to start. Certified Western Herbalist Sirajama Bajo, lead practitioner at Berkeley’s Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, shares her encyclopedic knowledge of ancient herbal medicines for a modern world.

Treating the Whole Patient–Integrated Care Removes the Stigma of Mental Health Care

Kaiser Permanente’s recent national consumer poll revealed that Americans are more likely to seek mental health services than they were 10 years ago, but that the country still has a ways to go in breaking the silence and stigma surrounding mental health disorders. “Our goal is to treat the whole patient–not separate the ‘head’ from the ‘body’,” says Linda Kim, MD, Chief of Psychiatry and Associate Director of Regional Mental Health for the Northern California Kaiser Permanente System. “And, to remove the stigma associated with mental health issues.”

Nosh Box: A is for Applesauce, B is for Blini, and C is for Challah.

Hanukah—liike many holidays, not only is food involved, but in this Festival of Lights, food plays a cardinal role in the rituals. While some of the foods are unique, many are generic, totally secular, and very commonplace.

Tuesday’s Briefing: Oakland Had 2nd Highest Home Price Jump in Nation

Plus, two major fires cause tens of thousands to evacuate in Southern California.

Join the Action at Alameda Point

Artisanal spirits, athletic adventures, and antique auctions liven up a day at Alameda Point.

Reveling With the Revels

Celebrate the season with Scottish traditions.

Using a Universal Language

Camille Brown’s linguistic play uses words and movement.

Discover Easy-to-Wear Clothes at Neeko

Plus, two venues for locally made stuff: Bay-Made and Temescal Brewing.

Not on Board With the Plan

The Alameda City Council’s progressive, pro-growth majority has rejected four of the mayor’s planning board choices this year.