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Royal NoneSuch Labor of Love


     When Carrie Hott and Elizabeth Bernstein opened the Royal NoneSuch Gallery in September 2009, they knew they wanted it to be the kind of place where visitors could participate in “interactive art-based experiences‚” instead of simply standing around a white-walled gallery in nice clothes sipping wine. The gallery hosts workshops, barbecues, artists’ talks and storytelling. “21 Projects” had a different one-hour presenter each day for three weeks in April, leading visitors in film watching, cereal eating, wood polishing and folk dancing, among other projects. Classmates at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007, Hott and Bernstein founded the small storefront gallery at 43rd and Telegraph as a labor of love instead of profit (when asked if they ever put anything up for sale at the gallery, they gave each other a blank look). “We don’t plan on becoming more commercial, but more experiential,” says Hott. “We fund raise.” Tied into the close-knit local arts community, the duo find artists they like who have “a combination of concept and physical manifestation,” says Bernstein. “The marriage of concept and form,” adds Hott. They discovered from working together that they have very like tastes, a useful trait given the gallery’s packed schedule, with new exhibitions coming every month. Check them out.

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