Eat What They Eat With Chefs Feed

Chefs Feed hooks up eaters and experts.


Crowd-sourced restaurant recommendations are nothing new. Chances are you’ve come across Yelp or Google+ reviews while searching for a new place to eat in the Bay Area. But what if you want advice on what exactly to order, and you want it to come from people—the chefs even—who you know really understand food? Then it’s time to try out Chefs Feed.

Chefs Feed is a free app for Android and iOS in which professional chefs post about their favorite dishes at a given restaurant. You can search for local restaurants such as Pizzaiolo and Haven and find reviews on dishes like wild nettles and pecorino pizza and bone marrow respectively to help you decide what to chow down on. The app also populates nearby dishes, letting you view the favorite choices in your vicinity, and featured dishes, which are those that come by the recommendation of multiple chefs.

In addition to the reviews, each dish page provides useful info on the restaurant, such as the cuisine type, price range, website, address, and phone number. There are also “Ate It” and “Plan It” buttons that let you keep track of what you’ve had and what you want to try.

Back on the homepage of the app, you can also check out featured chefs, such as Michael Minna and Charles Phan. Clicking on a chef’s photo takes you to a profile that shows the restaurants where the chef has worked, as well as his or her dish reviews, accolades, and recent activity.

If you want to dive a little deeper, Chefs Feed includes some interesting editorial content like roundups of best cheap eats and best hangover food. There’s also a collection of high-quality videos that feature everything from chefs visiting the restaurants to learn how to cook their favorite dishes to chefs reading bad reviews of their own restaurants.

The mission of Chefs Feed is to provide expert reviews from actual experts, and the app definitely succeeds on that front. Plus, it’s a great way to explore new restaurants based on the dishes that make your mouth water.

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