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You’re an Oaklander If …

    Were you born on Pill Hill? Did you watch movies at the Coliseum Drive-in Theatre? Have you held on to your magic key to Children’s Fairyland? Was I. Magnin your go-to holiday shopping center?
    If you answered yes to these questions, chances are, you’re an Oaklander. And this issue is all about having some fun with our Oakland-ness. To determine whether you’re a real, live Oaktown native (or how much of one you are), we’ve come up with a list of 30 ways to gauge your authenticity in “You’re an Oaklander If …” on page 44. We’ve pulled together vignettes about quintessential Oakland trivia, information-packed lessons about forgotten, beloved or worthwhile Oaktown icons, institutions and hidden gems.
    We’ve prepared a little quiz, too, so you’ll be able to find out, based on your score, whether you’re an ultimate or amateur Oaklander—or worse. If your Oakland IQ needs a refresher course, this article is where you’ll find one, so dig in.
    We’re starting the New Year with two new semi-regular departments, Block Party and Blueprints. Keri Hayes Troutman pens the first Block Party, traipsing along Mountain Boulevard in Montclair for the scoop on some great places to eat, shop and play. In Blueprints, James Castle, who practices architecture in San Francisco, passes judgment on urban design projects in Oakland and the East Bay and focuses his first installment on the Cleveland Cascade, the grand dame of Oakland staircases.
    Snapshots, Dining Out and the Calendar round out our society, food, dining and entertainment options. I’d love to hear from you about how we’re doing on any aspect of the magazine, so drop me an e-mail.
    When you’re done with the light reading, sink your teeth into politics. John W. Ellis IV sits down with Oakland’s newest mayor, Ron Dellums, for a Q-and-A on what he envisions for Oakland as a model city with Dellums touching on his top priorities and stressing a collaborative approach to government. By the way, what kind of a mayor was Dellums’ predecessor, Jerry Brown, now California’s attorney general? Brown swooped into the city’s top office with broad goals on crime, schools, downtown housing and the arts. How’d Jerry do? Jeff Swenerton grades the mayor on the results.
Enjoy 2007, and my hope is that Oakland Magazine will play a bigger part in it.

Judith M. Gallman

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