21 Grand Facts

    While I appreciated the acknowledgment of the Oakland Art Murmur by your full-color glossy publication [“Something to Shout About,” December 2006], I would like to point out some factual errors in the article, specifically in relation to 21 Grand. Amazingly, in the short paragraph devoted to us, your writer and editors managed to pack in several errors. Your article stated that 21 Grand was the oldest of the galleries participating in Oakland Art Murmur. That is inaccurate; Creative Growth Gallery predates us by approximately 25 years.
    Also incorrect is the history of our relocation. Your writer states that we were forced to move from 21 Grand Avenue because the building was torn down to build condos. This is almost laughable, as the writer probably walked by that building on his way to or from the Front Gallery, which is in the neighboring building. It was 21 Grand’s second location, at 449 23rd St., that was torn down for condos.
    That your writer and editors couldn’t manage to get these basic facts right and couldn’t be bothered to contact us for confirmation or even (gasp!) look it up on the Internet shows a real lack of professionalism and respect and confirms my impression that your publication is another instance of style over substance in the service of selling real estate and expensive lifestyle accessories.
    Please try harder next time.
Sarah Lockhart
Programming Director, 21 Grand

Grateful Gallery

    Thanks for including a mention of our studio in your November issue, as part of the Art Murmur story. Creative Growth has been in the Murmur neighborhood for almost 25 years. We are an art studio for adults with disabilities. We do an annual holiday show, a blow-out, line-around-the-block-to-get-in art sale and exhibition. This event, for art lovers, collectors, scavengers and philanthropists (all purchases benefit the studio and its artists) has been an Oakland tradition for over 20 years.
Jennifer O’Neal, Gallery Manager
Creative Growth

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