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    If you vowed to eat right and lose a few pounds in 2009, this issue can keep you on track.
    Contributing writer Sarah Lavender Smith, a Piedmont mom who found herself inhaling her meals, experimented with mindfulness, bringing the practice to her eating habits. In “Every Bite You Take,” she presents advice on how to slow down and savor the experience so you’ll actually taste and enjoy your food, thereby feeling full sooner by simply paying attention.
    She embarked on a mindfulness adventure, thinking it would help her feel more at peace with food and with herself. Smith specifically wanted tools to curb her habit of over-indulging in high-fat, high-sugar foods while multitasking, and her new approach seems to have empowered her to better manage those bad habits.
    There’s another great new restaurant on the scene—Miss Pearl’s Jam House—where trying out mindfulness will expose your palate to the tastes of island-fusion exotica and rum-infused cocktails in an upscale beachy-vacationy setting. Senior editor Derk Richardson reviews this Jack London Square newcomer, with celebrity chef Joey Altman consulting to reinvent his onetime popular hotel restaurant. The result is an expansive menu with bold flavors, perfect for mindful eating. We recommend weekend brunch. It’s worth it.

Judith M. Gallman

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