The Six Questions

Eva Menace, Roller Derby Skater


What: By night, Menace (Petrini’s alter ego) skates as a blocker for the Richmond Wrecking Belles team in the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls league. Single, without children, she also volunteers her time as manager of public relations for the league. By day, she works in public relations for a film studio in Berkeley.

When: Bouts take place between January and August, or longer if the Wrecking Belles go to the championships. Besides practicing on skates four times a week, Menace also runs Lake Merritt, climbs the Cleveland Cascade steps, does speed work on a high school track and manages to work in strength training, too.

Where:  Menace and her team regularly skate at The Craneway Pavilion in Richmond and will be traveling to Ventura and Orange County later this year.

Why: While looking for a sport that was challenging and pushed her limits, Menace came across roller derby and wanted in. “I knew I would enjoy it, but had no idea how much I would fall in love with it,” says Menace. “I feel so lucky to be a part of the B.A.D. Girls, a league that is ranked as one of the top five in the world.”

How: Unlike some other roller derby teams, the Wrecking Belles dress in uniform, not in costumes. Some wear face paint like Demanda Riot, but Menace’s look is functional: a uniform top, black athletic pants and a little glam—eye shadow and pink lipstick. She’s more about the sport than the look.

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