Survey Complaints on Best Of

Readers say it's too long, too complicated, too slanted, and it left out pot.



It would be nice if the survey could focus a little more on new features of civic improvement projects, to help make people more aware of them; to serve the public by encouraging readers to step outside their normal path and try out a new neighborhood or business.

Too many categories.

Ignoring Oakland’s NUMBER TWO TAX PAYER is inexcusable. Oakland has the best cannabis distribution system in the state. We now have something like 6 or 8 businesses employing several hundred people. Why would you leave them out?

It’s hard to remember all the different places in the area. If there was some kind list to work off of, that could be pretty helpful.

Seems weirdly slanted (for around here) towards married Christians with children.

You should be able to save and exit without filling something into every field.

All of the above came from the comments section of the online Best Of Oakland ballot.


Important School Omitted

In “An Opinionated Bunch” [May 2014], I was disappointed and frustrated that 19 seniors were featured, seven from Alameda schools and none from Alameda High School, which services close to 2,000 students, by far the largest high school in town. I was completely astonished, as were other parents.

It seems as though what you printed in Oakland Magazine was likely the same as what you printed in the Alameda Magazine regarding this feature article. Oakland and Alameda are two very different places. Alameda does have a small-town feel. Reading this article, which not only did not feature any AHS students, but focused the majority on Oakland students, did not give off a feeling of it being Alameda Magazine.

Ann Wlad, Alameda

Editor’s Note: Alameda and Oakland Magazines do share some content, including the story you alluded to. Our writer did contact Alameda High School twice for recommendations of students to query, but received no response.

Correction: The captions associated with our story on Alameda’s School Smarts Program [“What If Parents Need Some Classes, Too?” May 2014] misidentified the family in the photograph. The subjects were Carrie and Steve Sheret and their daughter, Adele.


“A great write-up in #oaklandmagazine!! They portrayed us accurately and kindly, even without using @wooftangclan’s last name ;) ... Check it out, y’all, it’s #vapetastic.”

—From Tasty Vapor@MisterTastyVapor via Twitter

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