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Summertime Blues

    Got the summertime blues? Contrary to what Eddie Cochran says in his rock ’n’ roll classic, there is a cure for the summertime blues—a little summertime booze.
    For cool advice on what to do when the heat is on this summer, turn to “Summertime Booze” on page 49. Contributor Laurie Daniel polls four popular East Bay bartenders, asking them to name their favorite poison for must-have drink concoctions. Their potions will add some kick to anybody’s bummer summer.
    If you’re into clear spirits, seasonal produce, exotic ingredients and fizz, these drinks are for you, and you can imbibe these sweet alcoholic treats from the sleek surroundings—the Paragon Resaurant & Bar, À Côté, Z Café & Bar and César—where the stars of Daniel’s story make a living through cocktails. Photographer Bill Myers captures the thrill and chill of the liquid libations, creating mouthwatering, thirst-inducing visuals.
    Can’t be bothered to go out for the cocktail hour? No problem, because our deft drinkmeisters willingly share their winning ingredients, enabling the parched to create the pros’ magical mixes at home.
    So relax on the deck and enjoy the sun, but set your icy-cold beverage on the teak end table long enough to devote some attention to the rest of Oakland Magazine.
    Take in, for instance, “Serving up Inspiration—5 Great Kitchens,” home writer Tiffany Carboni’s foray through five stunning East Bay kitchens. Can you see yourself in one of these gems? These homeowners have gone to considerable lengths to stamp their own style onto the proverbial heart of their homes, and photographer Liza Sze uses her camera expertly to convey these inspirational designs.
    After all that eye candy, dig into Mary McInerney’s piece, “Oaktown Is Rowtown,” an exploration of the rich rowing history on the Oakland Estuary that puts Oakland in the national spotlight for crew. Lewis Smith shadowed the Oakland Strokes for photos that will have you lining the banks of the waterway to cheer on these dedicated teams of young men and women.
    Elsewhere in this issue, our newest intern, Patricia K. Eagan, an Oakland native who is home this summer from the University of Pittsburgh, plunged head-on into the East Bay’s world of events, mining the terrain for can’t-miss events. The result is that she has pumped up the Calendar into a destination read. The next step—actually attending those events—is up to you, so pick something. It’s another sure cure for the summertime blues.

—By Judith M. Gallman

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