Still Piqued Over Mission Peak

Readers take a conservationist to task, chatter about charter schools, and praise Palmento a Dopo.


Mission Piqued

In the May article “Mission Pique,” one of the cofounders of Mission Peak Conservancy wants the park to be an urban Disneyland. How does this cofounder of a conservancy define conservancy? Turning Mission Peak into an urban Disneyland would take a toll on resources for current and future generations. At Disneyland, they have trash cans no more than 30 feet away from each other. So this cofounder then would like toilets no more than 30 feet from each other along the trail and would solve any overcrowding issues at Mission Peak?

Why isn’t this conservancy addressing the real issues at Mission Peak? It is bad behavior from park users taking the place for granted. If everyone treated the park like their front yard at home and when parking in the surrounding community as if it were their own neighborhood, we wouldn’t be having any discussions.

A. Sei


How about removing the pole at the peak? Isn’t that where all the selfies are taken? If you remove the co-subject of the selfies, you may decrease the number of visitors.

Lukasz Lempart, Antioch


Charter School Feedback

Charter schools can be overtly for profit, or they can ostensibly be nonprofit but then they can turn over all their public money to a for-profit corporation, which they own to run the school.

Lois Smallwood


Your “Charter Schools Are Unionizing” article in June stated: “I don’t know if I want to support this model—turning public money into private dollars.” How is public money turned into private dollars at charter schools any different than at traditional public schools?

Manual Romero


Palmento a Dopo Fans

There’s a lot of talk about farm-to-table and organic, but the reality is that almost all restaurants cut corners and deliver customers something that’s not nearly as fresh or authentic as they suppose. But Dopo is the real deal. I would put this little gem up against any restaurant in the world, and I think Dooo wins every time. Jon Smulewitz is the anti celebrity chef, which might be the most refreshing thing of all.

Luke Fronefield


Always an incredible experience! Worth flying across the country for.

Paul Libert, Naples, Fla.


Corrections and Clarifications

“Oracle Arena’s New Best Friend” erroneously stated that the Golden State Warriors had made “The City” its primary logo; it’s one of many.

Ramona d’Viola photographed designer Carol’s Roman Shades curtains in June’s article “Wily Window Treatments.”

In May’s “Mission Pique,” the name of Michelle Julene was misspelled.

While the Corporation for Public Broadcasting funded Talent Quest, the show mentioned in May’s “Podcast Nation,” the Public Radio Exchange managed and led the initiative, and CPB awarded PRX a grant. NPR eventually co-distributed Snap Judgment after a few years.

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