Green Feedback

    Thank you for including Jeff Swenerton’s great piece, “21 Ways to be Green” [April 2007]. I especially liked his tip No. 16 about becoming a vegetarian. The United Nations recently published a report announcing that going vegan is better for the air than driving a hybrid car. Thankfully, the Bay Area is the best place in the country to switch to a plant-based diet. We have lots of wonderful vegan restaurants, fabulous cooking classes, the magazine VegNews and a large and growing number of supportive people in BayAreaVeg.com and other helpful and fun organizations.
    Please publish more about vegetarian cooking, outings and news. It is important not only for the environment, but also for our health and our fellow earthlings, the pigs, chickens, cows and others.

Patti Breitman, Fairfax

Intermediate Oaklander

    I enjoyed the column/quiz in the “You’re an Oaklander If ...” article [January/February 2007]. The staff put together a fun and very Oakland set of criteria. My contention is that by the magazine standards, I’m just an intermediate Oaklander. That sucks!
    Yeah, I was born on Pill Hill (where both of my grandmothers were born), and I know the difference between Casper’s and Kasper’s, but I am too young to have seen the Oaks, and my earliest sports memory is seeing the Raiders in 1976 (I was 5).
    But how’s this for authenticity? I am a third-generation Oaklander, both of my parents and three of four grandparents were born in Oakland (one grandfather was born in foreign lands, Berkeley), my grandfather’s house and father’s family home are still in the family, McDonell Avenue is named after my great-
grandfather, I was married in the Rose Garden and our reception was at the Snow Building in Knowland Park.
    I truly did like the article, and it was fun to read. I am glad that this magazine was put together and speaks to Oaklanders, new or old. So thanks, and I Hella Y Oakland (and “hella” is part of my natural speech—I grew up saying it.)

Matt McDonell, Oakland

Ultimate Oaklander

    Since I am, according to your survey, an Ultimate Oaklander, here are three additional items, just for ultimates to consider:
•    You attended the El Rey Theater before it went burlesque.
•    You showed your friends the house where Tempest Storm and her husband (owner of the El Rey Theater) lived in the Temescal.
• You can point out the parking lot in Old Oakland that replaced the Red Windmill (i.e., the Moulin Rouge Theater).

Albert Sargis, Oakland


    “Getting to Know You—Five Great Neighborhoods Worth Exploring,” an article in the May 2007 issue, duplicated a photograph of a Redwood Heights home. The photograph below should have appeared with the caption identifying a home on the market for $720K in Bella Vista. This house is a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom, 1,800-square-foot home on a 9,200-plus-square-foot lot.


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