Best of Oakland & the East Bay 2008

Whoop It Up!


    Wow! Pop open the champagne, get ready to make some noise and celebrate the best of Oakland and the East Bay.
    Yep, it’s party time, and we’re feeling festive. Sure, we may be a little pooped from all that ballot counting—this year’s annual Best of contest brought greater response than ever, perhaps because we expanded the scope beyond the city limits of our favorite town, Oaktown, to include the East Bay—but we’re never too pooped to party, especially when the Best of issue rolls around.
    So we’ve pulled out all the stops this year to honor the best in food, drink, lifestyle, sports, goods, services, kids, pets and more. In all, we’re recognizing 116 deserving and amazing Best of winners, which include a few three-peaters as well a ton of new additions.
    Read on to see how your favorites jibe with ours and those of other readers. Party on!


Movie Theater
Grand Lake Theater (O)

    Few experiences are as truly Oakland as seeing a movie at the Grand Lake Theater, as beautiful inside as it is outside. Since 1926, when the theater held vaudeville and silent movie showings, Oaklanders have followed the giant illuminated sign to the Art Deco masterpiece to take in a show. The theater now offers four screens with seating for more than 1,600 and a little something extra most theaters don’t have. Those driving by can also get a little taste of the proprietor’s politics in the messages on the now-infamous marquee.  A recent posting: “Prevent Unwanted Presidencies:  America Must Bring Back Paper Ballots.” Nobody says it  like the Grand. —DJ
    3200 Grand Ave., (510) 452-3556,

Theater Company
Woodminster Summer Musicals (O)

    In-the-know Oaklanders have been making a habit of Woodminster Summer Musicals for 42 years, and their long-running family tradition goes something like this: Have a picnic supper at Joaquin Miller Park and then bundle up and crack open the thermos of hot chocolate and hunker down for a night of entertaining, kid-pleasing outdoor summer musical theater. The Works Progress Administration–era amphitheater is the perfect setting for a starlit show, and this year’s season starts in July. —JG
    3300 Joaquin Miller Road, (510) 531-9597, (510) 531-0671,

Theater Company
Berkeley Repertory Theatre (EB)
For high-quality indoor theater, East Bay residents head to the Berkeley Rep, the not-so-little resident theater company with the big national reputation and a Tony Award. The company, currently under the artistic direction of Tony Taccone, performs seven plays every season on its two stages, producing a mix of classics, contemporary and debuting plays, including occasional West Coast or world premieres, with titles this season ranging from George Bernard Shaw’s Heartbreak House to Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking.  —JG
    2025 Addison St., Berkeley, (510) 647-2900,

Soi 4 Bangkok Eatery (O)
    Named for a notorious nightlife street in Bangkok, this sleek and popular 7-year-old restaurant emphasizes the flashy scene slightly more than the street roots of the cuisine, offering a hip, sometimes-noisy and cocktail-crazed environment in keeping with Rockridge’s upscale vibe. The chefs liberally tweak fundamental Thai cooking in ways that delight the diners who keep the place packed to the balcony. The fusion twists applied to the widely lauded favorite appetizers and entrees—such as, steamed turnip cakes, baked New Zealand mussels, crab-fried rice, larb gai, braised short ribs, honey-roasted duck and pineapples in red curry, Angus sirloin cubes and Chinese eggplant in green curry and pad kee mao—may push the boundaries of “authenticity,” but the Soi 4 faithful are looking less for cred than for creativity and are willing to pay slightly higher tariffs for the advanced aesthetics. —DR
    5421 College Ave., (510) 655-0889,

Le Cheval (O)

    This downtown Oakland stalwart, established in 1985, sets the standard for East Bay Vietnamese cuisine, so it’s no wonder the ever-popular institution, named for the year of horse, is perpetually crowded. The bustling, cacophous scene makes for great people watching, not meaningful conversation—hardly a problem because orders arrive seemingly at the snap of a finger, and once they do, these lush, home-style creations deserve all the diner’s attention. Come with a crew for sampling goi cuon (shrimp rolls), bo tai chanh (marinated raw beef), Saigon-style hot and sour soup or multi-courses of beef or seafood. The extensive menu also stars a wide variety of clay pot and vermicelli dishes, salads and stir fries, noodle soups and tofu concoctions, and it also tempts with specials and grilled courses. Enough, in short, to bring customers back again and
again to this temple of Vietnamese cookery. —JG
    1007 Clay St., (510) 763-8495, 

Chocolate Maker
Bittersweet Café (O)

    The initial choco-centric buzz was about the Spicy!, European-style hot chocolate boosted with chili pepper, cinnamon and a whisper of rose. But other drinks—including the Classic, the Bicerin (layered mocha with whipped cream) and chocolate chai—have won Bittersweet devotees since the early 2005 opening. Ganache truffles, chocolate nib scones and pear chocolate ginger muffins sweeten the deal, as do more than 120 international chocolate bars and Blue Bottle coffee. —DR
    5427 College Ave., (510) 654-7159,

Chocolate Maker
Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker (EB)
    Hershey may have gobbled up this unique from-scratch manufacturer (as well as Dagoba and Joseph Schmidt) in its effort to corner the high-end chocolate market, but conglomeration has had little noticeable effect on the impeccable quality of Scharffen Berger’s many chocoholic-enabling products or the distinct East Bay foodie character of its tour-able 27,000-square-foot brick warehouse factory/cafe in west Berkeley. —DR
    914 Heinz Ave., Berkeley, (510) 981-4066,  

Best Place to Throw a Birthday Party
Pump It Up (O)

    Chuck E. Cheese, move over; there is a new place for children’s events on the birthday scene, and at this innovative new party spot, jumping on the furniture is not just OK, it is encouraged. The national chain opened an Oakland branch in 2006 and has become the go-to spot for kids, adults and anyone who likes to jump, move and bounce. Billed as “The Inflatable Party Zone,” Pump It Up offers parents the chance to turn their kids loose in an “arena” filled with every kind of giant inflatable bounce toy under the sun and then some. With arenas and decorated party rooms where pizza is always on the menu, parents can rest assured the kids will have a great time and get a good night’s sleep when the day is over—and if you feel really adventurous, take off your shoes and join them. —DJ
    2500 Embarcadero, Suite A, (510) 533-7867

Editors’ Choices

Best Local Equine Outfitter
Vista Madera Feed & Tack

    Newbie and experienced horsepeople alike know Kathy Dunn and the full-to-the-brim tack and feed shop she operates in the Laurel District. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, she invites browsing, whether customers are seeking boots and breeches, halters and bridles, saddles and stirrups or supplements and treats. Shoppers can try on enough helmets and boots to outfit a cavalry or paw through every rack of barn apparel without causing her the least annoyance. Don’t know which detangling product works best for smoothing out your mare’s matted mane? Dunn can help and has shelves of products at her fingertips to offer. Want the latest and greatest in fly masks or fly repellent? She stocks those, too. From nosebands and brow bands to bits and reins and everything in between, if it’s not here, you probably don’t need it. —JG
    3908 MacArthur Blvd., (510) 531-1989,      

Best Finger-Lickin’ Fried Chicken
Casa Orinda (Orinda)

    When a hankering for fried chicken comes over you, head directly to Casa Orinda, a storied East Bay gem serving customers since the 1930s. It’s really an old-style Italian restaurant with warren-like rooms decorated from top to bottom with Old West iconography and paintings, a cowboy theme that gets carried right down to the cute silhouetted spurred cowboy boots on the bread plate. But forget the pasta and red sauce—go for the fried chicken. A half a chicken is what comes tableside, and the breast, wing and thigh are golden and crisp, the outer crunch giving way to moist meat. The mound of chicken pieces comes plated with mashed potatoes, vegetables and a biscuit plus sides of gravy and honey. It’s a Southern-style treat through and through, and cleanup is easy with the accompanying moist towelette. Yep, you’ll need it. —JG
    20 Bryant Way, Orinda, (925) 254-2981

Best Double-Barreled Happy Hour

When you’re craving gnocchi with eggplant, chanterelles and arugula; poached big-eye tuna with Bloomsdale spinach and caramelized fennel; or filet mignon with green peppercorn sauce but can’t underwrite your appetite to the tune of $18, $28 or $32, elbow your way into the hip, noisy and deservedly popular bar at this postmodern, upscale Mediterranean eatery during two golden windows of opportunities. Every night, 5 p.m.–7 p.m. and 9 p.m.–11 p.m. (or till the kitchen closes), Garibaldi’s offers early bird and late-night diners and tipplers the chance to sample the daily changing creations of executive chef Scott Sasaki at half price and indulge in standard and imaginative cocktails for $5. A buck doesn’t go far in most gourmet ghettoes, but you can stretch it to new limits here and sup like a high roller with money to burn. —DR
    5356 College Ave., (510) 595-4000, 

Best Wine, Beer, Music and Barbecue Purveyor
Bo’s Barbecue & Catering (Lafayette)

    Your idea of a fun night out is good barbecue ribs, beer and blues, but your companion longs for barbecue chicken, upscale wine and jazz. What’s this pair of mismatched friends to do? Drive through the Caldecott tunnel to Bo’s Barbecue & Catering, where Bo McSwine manages to work wonders with barbecue of every ilk while stocking a fridge full of palate-pleasing, high-end brews and exotic vino as local jazz and blues musicians keep the joint hopping with live tunes. A Southerner by birth, raised in Chicago, with a deep love for music, McSwine has turned a family recipe into a gold mine, and there’s a run on his chicken and Niman Ranch beef and pork products every night. Get the dry rub–style ribs or the brisket, if he’s still got ’em. But don’t be afraid to keep moving down that menu until he’s not out of something—it’s all good. —JG
    3422 Mount Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, (925) 283-7133

Best Soft Touch With Sparkle
Berkeley Touchless Car Wash

    If driving your car into an automatic wash and watching your vehicle go through what must be the closest thing to an automobile torture chamber horrifies you, you probably appreciate the beauty of a touchless car wash. Perfect for the urban environment where you don’t always have the facilities to wash your own car, there is nothing better than watching a team of attendants with towels and spray bottles attack your car. It seems the East Bay is lacking in this urban necessity, and so there is really only one place to go when you just can’t stand the dirt any longer—Berkeley Touchless Car Wash. The place is run like an assembly line and, although it is unclear what happens in the middle, one thing is for sure—your car goes in dirty and comes back very clean, inside and out. After the wash, get a 25-cents-per-gallon gasoline discount and fill ’er up. —DJ
    2176 Kittredge St., Berkeley, (510) 644-8229    

Best Pedestrian-Puzzling Public Art
Emeryville Utility Boxes

    You’ve driven around town in Emeryville, and you’ve wondered why there are images of pedestrian silhouettes painted on yellow utility boxes. Even more importantly, you’ve wondered what it all means. One figure rises in a thought bubble; another tends to a large question mark that comes up out of the ground. According to Emeryville public art coordinator Lisa Sullivan, the meanings are
open to interpretation, but the Signs of the Times project is all about making those typically gray and ugly traffic signal boxes a little more attractive. In 2004, the city teamed up with Emery High School students and Oakland-based artist Seyed Alavi to cover 17 traffic control utility boxes with public art in colors and shapes evocative of classic traffic signs. The boxes were installed in 2006 and received much public praise—and more than a little wonderment. The public art program has been so successful that the city is currently implementing phase two, which will cover six more boxes. —DJ    

Best Grassroots Jazz Resource
Groove Yard Records

    Oakland native Rick Ballard has kept his finger on the pulse of jazz ever since the early 1970s when he became the first Bay Area distributor for such pivotal labels as ECM, Black Saint, Hat Hut and India Navigation. Entering the retail game from a Jack London Square warehouse in 1987, he moved his Groove Yard Records operation into his current Claremont Avenue location (the former home of the beloved Berigan’s Records) in 2002. His tightly focused selection of vinyl and CDs is peerless, but just as valuable to the jazz community is his Groove Yard Newsletter, an e-mail missive that announces new releases, references articles in the press and programming on the radio, lists “upcoming gigs of note” and gives away tickets to jazz concerts  at venues large and small. Sign up  by e-mailing —DR
    5555 Claremont Ave., (510) 655-8400,   

Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Wine Tasting
The Wine Mine

    The dollar may be falling vis-a-vis the Euro, but it’s holding its own against the wines of the world at this sipping-friendly wine “warehouse” at the north end of the Temescal District (nearby landmark—Caspers Hot Dogs across the street). On Saturday afternoons between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., $1 tossed into the bucket at the back table gets you tastes of a half dozen reasonably priced wines, chosen by region or varietal. One week it might be Argentina, the next week Pinot Noir, northern Italy or sparkling wines for special occasions. The vibe is collegial, experimental and generous. You can learn the language of wine tasting without affectation and discover wonderful bargains for immediate drinking. Occasional $10 tastings and evening winemaker seminars address upper-end palates, as well. —DR
    5427 Telegraph Ave., (510) 547-9463,   

Best Sing-for-Your-Supper Club
The Alley

    The Alley is one of the few dive bars that even calls itself a dive bar. A colorful local hangout since 1934, the bar would have to be completely overhauled if it ever changed hands. The place, designed to look like a back alley with telephone wires and balconies, is so funky and antiquated that it likely would be boarded up in a heartbeat. Fortunately, it is still owned by the family of the now-deceased Jody Kerr, who purchased it in the 1950s, and shows no signs of slowing down or ever changing. The Alley is a great place to catch up with friends, have some cheap drinks and equally cheap food and engage the talkative bar staff, who won’t let you leave without hearing your story and maybe telling one of their own. And if you’re in the mood for singing, catch local legend Rod Dibble nightly behind the piano. —DJ
    3325 Grand Ave., (510) 444-8505      
Best Place to Get Up Close and Personal with Electronic Music
CNMAT (Berkeley)

    The Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, or CNMAT, is not only UC Berkeley’s music department laboratory for experimentation with sound, but it also provides an incomparably intimate venue for adventuresome concerts in a 1930s Spanish-style north Berkeley house. Founded by composer Richard Felciano and directed by David Wessel and Edmund Campion, CNMAT transcends its academic mission with public concerts by such internationally influential musicians as Wessel, Pauline Oliveros, Bob Ostertag, Joelle Leandre, Barry Guy, Myra Melford, Thomas Buckner, Bertram Turetzky, Fred Frith and countless others. Hearing these avatars of avant-garde music and musical technology (whether using computers or “conventional” instruments) in a living-room setting with impeccable acoustics can be a life-changing experience. And CNMAT’s Web site offers free downloads of cutting-edge software patches for electronic music makers. —DR
    1750 Arch St., Berkeley, (510) 643-9990,  

Best Simulated Driving Course
Mountain View Cemetery

    It’s hard enough to maintain your cool while your mom or dad is telling you to keep both hands on the wheel, check your mirrors, let the clutch out more smoothly and watch out for the curb. But generations of Oaklanders have chosen to learn to drive under the gaze of Frank Norris, Charles Crocker, Henry J. Kaiser, Julia Morgan, Samuel Merritt and other luminaries buried or entombed in the 226 acres of the magnificent grounds designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Of course, dead eyes tell no tales
on the drivers-in-training who carefully negotiate broad boulevards, winding roads, gentle hills, bridges and roundabouts amongst grand and humble gravesites. “They don’t think we notice,” says one worker in the cemetery office, “but you know it’s a parent in the passenger seat giving instructions. It’s just one of the little secrets here. They say Julia Morgan used to sneak in at night to go swimming.” —DR
    5000 Piedmont Ave., (510) 658-2588,

Best Netflix Revolution Renegade
Global Entertainment

    The sign outside claims that Global Entertainment carries 17,000 titles, and while it is doubtful anyone has counted lately, that number isn’t surprising. Global is the best place to go to rent movies if you like classics and foreign films that other places just don’t carry. Also, Global still has some titles on VHS, which is nice because not everything has been converted to DVD. The store is housed in what was once a bank and features high ceilings, a wall of TVs showing recent releases and lots and lots of movies. The staff seems to be composed of movie geeks, so questions about titles are taken seriously and may even spark a little discussion. For those who haven’t joined the Netflix revolution, Global  is a great place to find the film you are looking for. —DJ
    5132 Telegraph Ave., (510) 428-0707    

Best Pro Audio Hookup
Leo’s Pro Audio

    Since 1956, Leo’s Pro Audio has quite simply been the best source for all things audio. For working musicians, engineers or sound installers, there is no other place to get the gear you need—even if you don’t know what you need. Let’s face it, buying audio gear is hard enough for the house, but what if want to wire a public room, host an event, make a recording or have a concert? Unlike some other places (I’m looking at you, Guitar Center), Leo’s offers super-friendly staffers who really know their stuff and will let you test it, right in the store. And Leo’s has lots of goods, offering the largest selection of gear around. And what do you do if something goes wrong with your shiny new equipment? Leo’s is one of the only shops in the area that can fix it for you, too. —DJ
    5447 Telegraph Ave., (510) 652-1553,

Best Lake Merritt Skyline Addition
The Cathedral of Christ the Light

    One of the most inspiring (and few) cathedral construction projects of the times, The Cathedral of Christ the Light should see completion this fall, forever changing the Lake Merritt skyline. An undertaking of gigantic proportions, the oval-shaped cathedral, which will serve as the center of the Catholic diocese of Oakland, is a $190 million endeavor designed by Craig Hartman of San Francisco–based Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The graceful glass-and-wood-ribbed church, characterized harshly by the California Catholic Daily as “nuclear-reactor like,” is elegant and airy, rising aside Lake Merritt with quiet and majestic beauty. Parishioners from the former churches of St. Mary, St. Francis de Sales, St. Andrew and St. Joseph will call the new cathedral home. The building project also includes a conference center, administrative offices, bookstore and cafe, public garden and plaza, residences and ministries and social services. Quite simply, this is architecture at its finest, bringing new energy to the southern end of the lake. —JG

Best Oakland High Point
Sky Ride at the Oakland Zoo

    For an unparalleled perspective on Oakland, hop on the Sky Ride at the Oakland Zoo. The old-fashioned, open-air gondola moseys riders along at a snail’s pace, offering bird’s-eye views of giraffes, lions, camels and buffalo. Once the cage pops above the leafy, dense foliage, passengers may be tempted to look over their shoulders for a glimpse outside the zoo gates. But there’s no need to crane, so keep your eyes glued on the livestock for a bit. When the cage rounds the bend at the top, the reward is a panoramic, awe-inspiring view of Oakland that stretches out below, past the snaking freeways, dense neighborhoods of the flats and the cranes of the port to the bay and beyond. The aerial trip is one worth remembering, prompting two teenage girls in stunna shades to capture theirs with their camera phone. —JG
    9777 Golf Links Road, (510) 632-9525,


Annual Event
Art & Soul
Oakland City Center

Band/Musical Act
Delta Wires

Charity Event
Montclair Pet Mayor Contest
Montclair Pet & Wildlife Fund
1955 Mountain Blvd., Suite 111
(510) 339-2400

Farmers Market
Grand Lake Farmers Market
Corner of Grand Lake and
Park avenues, (800) 897-3276

Berkeley Farmers Market
Center Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way, (510) 548-3333

Gym/Health Club
Club One
1200 Clay St., (510) 895-1010

Live Music Venue
Yoshi’s Jazz Club
510 Embarcadero West
(510) 238-9200

Freight & Salvage Coffee House
1111 Addison St., Berkeley
(510) 548-1761

Nail Shop
The Nail Shop
3326 Grand Ave.
(510) 832-6245

The Claremont Resort & Spa
41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley
(510) 843-3000

Place to People Watch
Lake Merritt

Telegraph Avenue

Place to Work
Montclair Veterinary Hospital
1961 Mountain Blvd.
(510) 339-8600

U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee
9th Congressional District

Skyline Drive

The Claremont Resort & Spa
41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley
(510) 843-3000


Everett & Jones Barbecue 
2676 Fruitvale Ave., (510) 533-0900
3415 Telegraph Ave., (510) 601-9377
126 Broadway, (510) 663-2350

Everett & Jones Barbecue
1955 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley
(510) 548-8261
296 A St., Hayward, (510) 581-3222

Mama’s Royal Cafe 
4012 Broadway, (510) 547-7600

Rick & Ann’s Restaurant and Catering
2922 Domingo Ave., Berkeley
(510) 649-8538

Blackberry Bistro 
4240 Park Blvd., (510) 336-1088

Jordan’s at the Claremont Resort & Spa
41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley
(510) 549-8510

Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers
5819 College Ave., (510) 601-0444
4162 Piedmont Ave., (510) 655-7180

Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers
1600 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 849-2827
1591 Solano Ave., Berkeley
(510) 526-8185

Barbara Llewellyn Catering
& Event Planning
434 25th St., (510) 832-1967

Miraglia Catering
2096 Burroughs Ave., San Leandro
(510) 483-5210

Wood Tavern
6317 College Ave., (510) 654-6607

Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café
1517 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 548-5525

Paul Canales, Oliveto Café & Restaurant
5655 College Ave., (510) 547-5356

Alice Waters, Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café
1517 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 548-5525

Little Shin Shin
4258 Piedmont Ave., (510) 658-9799

Oliveto Café & Restaurant
5655 College Ave., (510) 547-5356

Jo Jo
3859 Piedmont Ave., (510) 985-3003

Ice Cream
Fentons Creamery & Restaurant
4226 Piedmont Ave.
(510) 658-7000

2948 College Ave., Berkeley
(510) 665-6054

Oliveto Café & Restaurant
5655 College Ave.
(510) 547-5356

Trattoria La Siciliana
2993 College Ave., Berkeley
(510) 704-1474

Restaurante Doña Tomás
5004 Telegraph Ave., (510) 450-0522

*Tie: Picante and La Piñata

Picante Cocina Mexicana 
1328 Sixth St., Berkeley
(510) 525-3121

La Piñata
Hayward, San Leandro, Alameda
Newark, Concord,

*Tie: Flora and Wood Tavern

1900 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 286-0100

Wood Tavern
6317 College Ave., (510) 654-6607

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza Inc.
5801 College Ave.
(510) 655-6385,

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza Inc.
1853 Solano Ave., Berkeley
(510) 525-5950
3110 Crow Canyon Place, Suite D
San Ramon, (925) 244-1222

Bay Wolf Restaurant
3853 Piedmont Ave.
(510) 655-6004

Rivoli Restaurant
1539 Solano Ave., Berkeley
(510) 526-2542

Small Plates
4039 Piedmont Ave.
(510) 985-1200,

510 Embarcadero West
(510) 238-9200,

2100 Ward St., Berkeley
(510) 549-3486,

Golden Lotus
1301 Franklin St.
(510) 893-0383,

Café Gratitude
1730 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(415) 824-4652


Bike Shop
Hank & Frank Bicycles
6030 College Ave., (510) 654-2455

Left Coast Cyclery
2928 Domingo Ave., Berkeley
(510) 204-8550


Diesel, A Bookstore
5433 College Ave., (510) 653-9965

*Tie: Pegasus, Cody’s Books and Barnes & Noble

1855 Solano Ave., Berkeley
(510) 525-6888; 2349 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, (510) 649-1320

Cody’s Books
2201 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 559-9500

Barnes & Noble
Emeryville, El Cerrito

Garden Center
Longs Drugs
5100 Broadway, (510) 654-2569

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery
1310 McGee Ave., Berkeley
(510) 526-4704;

Grocery Store
Whole Foods Market
230 Bay Place, (510) 834-9800

Berkeley Bowl Marketplace
2020 Oregon St., Berkeley
(510) 843-6929

Hardware Store

Grand Lake Ace Hardware
1221 Grand Ave., Piedmont
(510) 652-1936

The Home Depot
Emeryville, El Cerrito, San Leandro

Health Food Store
The Food Mill
3033 MacArthur Blvd.
(510) 482-3848

Whole Foods Market
3000 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley
(510) 649-1333

Jewelry Store
Pavé Fine Jewelry Design
5496 College Ave.
(510) 547-7000

Men’s Clothing
Men’s Wearhouse
300 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 110
(510) 834-6932

1200 Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek
(925) 930-7959

Women’s Clothing Store
2020 Mountain Blvd.
(510) 339-4500

1200 Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek
(925) 930-7959


Beer Selection
Barclay’s Restaurant & Pub
5940 College Ave., (510) 654-1650

2181 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 843-8277,

*Tie: Luka’s Taproom and Garibaldi’s

Luka’s Taproom & Lounge
2221 Broadway, (510) 451-4677

5356 College Ave., (510) 595-4000

Restaurante Doña Tomás 
5004 Telegraph Ave., (510) 450-0522

La Piñata
Hayward, San Leandro, Alameda
Newark, Concord,

Sports Bar
561 11th St., (510) 338-2195

Ricky’s Sports Theatre & Grill
15028 Hesperian Blvd., San Leandro
(510) 352-0200,

Wine/Spirits Producer
Lost Canyon Winery
2102 Dennison St., Suite A
(510) 534-9314

Rosenblum Cellars
2900 Main St., Suite 1100, Alameda
(510) 995-4100,

Wine Shop
Paul Marcus Wines
5655 College Ave., (510) 420-1005

*Tie: Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant and Farmstead Cheeses & Wines

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant
1605 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley
(510) 524-1524

Farmstead Cheeses & Wines
1650 Park St., Alameda
(510) 864-9463


Pro Athlete
Baron Davis 
Golden State Warriors

Pro Team
*Tie: Golden State Warriors and Oakland A’s

Golden State Warriors

Oakland A’s


Children’sClothing Store
5690 Bay St., Emeryville, (510) 594-9500

Children’s Toy Store
Rockridge Kids
5511 College Ave., (510) 601-5437

Sweet Dreams Toy Store
2921 College Ave., Berkeley, (510) 548-8697

Kid-Friendly Restaurant
Fentons Creamery & Restaurant
4226 Piedmont Ave., (510) 658-7000


Pet Shop
Pet Food Express
2220 Mountain Blvd., No. 170
(510) 530-5300
6398 Telegraph Ave., (510) 923-9500
5144 Broadway, (510) 654-8888

Dog Day Care/Pet Spa
Happy Hound Play & Daycare
1695 34th St., (510) 547-3647

Montclair Veterinary Hospital
1961 Mountain Blvd., (510) 339-8600

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