Local Sounds

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Local Sounds 2007

Carne Cruda
Carne Cruda left Santa Cruz in 2001 for the East Bay where they now love to play their energetic brand of spicy Latin surf-cumbia to adoring fans. Check out their new CD Spicy Sea Adventures and this unreleased track.
Track: "Oakland's Tight."
Counting Crows
This Berkeley-born band has traveled the world and even played at the Oscars. Now the Counting Crows are back with a new album set to hit stores March 25, Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings, one of the last recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. [Photo: Danny Clinch]
Track: "1492."
Howlin Rain
Oakland rocks and guitarist Ethan Miller is out to prove it. Magnificent Fiend, the second album from the guitar-driven Howlin Rain, was released last month and leaves no doubt that rock is not dead. [Photo: Eden Batki]

Track: "Calling Lightning Pt. 2."
Joe Sibol
Joe Sibol's debut album, The Great Music, is already making waves with tracks featured on MTV's Laguna Beach and VH1's Fashion Television. Check out this track from the Oakland resident's first album.
Track: "Your Rock And Roll."
The Phenomenauts
The Phenomenauts are West Oakland's favorite travelers from the future and they have been hard at work at the Command Center recently, releasing a new album early this year entitled For All Mankind. Check out this track from these local Galaga fanatics.
Track: "Man Alone."

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