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Conscientious Counsel

    My father was an attorney, and my sister practices law today, but I never even considered the profession for myself. Just the notion of taking the LSAT gives me conniptions. And law school? Uh-uh. But I have the utmost regard for those men and women who do take up the noble calling of the law.
    The East Bay legal community is teeming with talented lawyers, and the cream of the crop appear on the 2007 Best Lawyer’s in America list, an annual compilation from Aiken, S.C.-based Woodward/White Inc.    In “The Justice Files, Three Legal Pros Making a Difference,” Anna Oberthur of the San Francisco Daily Journal, a legal affairs newspaper, writes about three local practitioners whose names and reputation are well ensconced in Oakland. Oberthur, who has covered the business of law, white-collar crime, diversity and intellectual property law for the Journal, profiles civil rights attorney Barry Goldstein, gaming guru Patricia A. Prochaska and real estate litigator Charles A. Hansen. See how they’re working on behalf of justice in the East Bay and beyond, and check out the 95 lawyers whose names are on the Woodward/White list.
    Speaking of lists, parents may soon be finding themselves adding their names to waiting lists when visiting the fast-growing world of indoor play cafes, the latest trend to hit the East Bay. Keri Hayes Troutman, a Bay Area mom, troops to four of these combination play places and cafes in “Java and Jungle Gyms, Head over Heels for Fun.” Now the kids can snack, play and have fun in a friendly, safe environment while mom, dad and the grandparents sip lattes, enjoy lobster bisque or chow down on tapas. What a great idea.
    Two Berkeley homeowners, artist-professors Joseph Slusky and Katie Hawkinson, continue to praise their architect friend, Charles Kahn of Kahn Design Associates, for his good ideas. Kahn first told the couple to buy a small house with a bad foundation on a big lot, which they did. Kahn’s next idea was elevating the house 12 feet to accommodate his-and-her ground-floor art studios. Home writer Tiffany Carboni, a first-time contributor to Oakland Magazine, tells their story and leads a tour of their East Berkeley house in “Industrial Chic, Raising the Roof on a Custom Collaboration.” It’s an amazing redo.
    Elsewhere in this issue, take a trip to Fourth Street, meet some entrepreneurial mothers and hit the “gourmet gulch” on Piedmont Avenue for a feast at Xyclo, a new Vietnamese restaurant turning heads. In the meantime, keep those letters and e-mails coming—I want to hear from you.

Judith M. Gallman

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