Some “Ifs”
    On the article about being an “Oaklander If …,” [“You’re an Oaklander If …,” January/February 2007], you missed some “Ifs”:
•    If you remember the recyclers who would drive slowly down streets calling out for “papers and rags.”
•    If when shopping downtown in the summer it was so hot, you went to the movies to see the latest newsreel, but mainly because the theater was air-
•    You recall buying shoes at Kushins and having your feet X-rayed (a dubious remembrance).
•    Your parents graduated from an Oakland high school (mine from St. Elizabeth’s).
•    You rode the Key System trains to San Francisco.
•    You remember that the bottom deck of the Bay Bridge was for trains, trucks and buses
•    You saw an auto race on the wooden racetrack in the Elmhurst district (just kidding; I’m not that old, but the track did exist).
•    You went to the auto race at the “new” Oakland Airport.
•    You remember commuting to San Francisco by ferry and being anointed by a seagull.
•    You know the original name of MacArthur Boulevard (Hopkins).
Mike Bridges
Born at Oakland’s Providence Hospital

One More Thing
    Thank you for the wonderful article “On the House, 50 Cool Things to Do for Free” by Stefanie Kalem in the December issue of Oakland Magazine. It’s great to have the free cultural, sporting, musical, community and family events the Bay Area has to offer all in one place!
I hope the next time you also include the free events that Habitot Children’s Museum in downtown Berkeley has to offer throughout the year. Habitot is an award-winning, hands-on discovery museum for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families. We offer seasonal and multicultural free admission days year-round for children and their families to enjoy.
Suzanne Chan, PR & Marketing Intern
Habitot Children’s Museum

    The article “New Parks for Pooches” [January/February 2007] contained incorrect information about two new dog parks opening soon. Lakeview Dog Park will be within Lakeside Park where MacArthur Boulevard and Lakeshore and Grand avenues converge. The article mistakenly listed an address and phone number for a business, Lakeside Park, which is a residential facility for Alzheimer’s and dementia patient, as that of the dog park. The second park is about one-half mile into Joaquin Miller Park, which is at Joaquin Miller Road at Sanborn Drive. The co-founder of the Oakland Dog Owners Group, or O’Dog, is Nancy Rieser. Reach her and O’Dog at (510) 465-0928 or www.odogparks.org.
    The byline on “Promises, Promises, Grading the Mayor,” the article about former Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown in the January/February 2007 issue, misspelled the writer’s name. It’s Jeff Swenerton.
    The 2007 East Bay Medical Guide listed an incorrect telephone number for the Herrick Campus of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. The correct number is (510) 204-4444. The guide also erred by omitting Web sites for the Alta Bates and Herrick campuses and published an incorrect Web site for the Summit Campus. The correct Web site for all three campuses is www.altabatessummit.org.
    World Ground Cafe is in the Laurel District, not Glenview, as we reported in “On the House, 50 Cool Things to Do for Free” in the December 2007 issue. Submit a letter online at www.oaklandmagazine.com.


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