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     Danielle Fox had a successful gallery on Telegraph at 48th Street in Temescal, but after two and a half years there, she picked up shop in September 2011 and moved SLATE contemporary a mile and a half to a new location, at 473 25th St.
     She moved to better leverage Art Murmur, Oakland’s First Friday art walk, in part, she says, because she “couldn’t really help wondering what we were missing down here.” And as the new executive director of Art Murmur, this savvy gallerist knew better than to waste marketing energy.
     Fox finds her position as director and curator at SLATE contemporary rewarding. “Of the two things that I love the most, one is the actual curating, selecting what’s going to be in a show, and how it’s going to be hung, and putting the space together,” she says. “That’s my creative work.”
      “And also I love writing checks to artists,” Fox continues. “As much as it pleases me to make a sale and receive a check from a buyer, it is just such a wonderful feeling in my heart to be able to send a check to an artist and know what a difference it makes, to enable them to keep doing their work.” 
     Fox exhibits pieces with a wide range of prices, and she presents works that are more decorative as well as installations that won’t work so well in your living room. But there is always a common thread connecting them.
     “They can feel a bit spread out, with more documentary and street photography to a lot of abstract painting,” she explains. “If there’s one thing that ties it all together, I think that everything that I show has an elegance to it. And to me elegance isn’t about being “fancy;” it’s about knowing when to stop. And so there is a sense of pushing, but stopping. … I pull back from people who are overdoing things.”
      Surrounded by the pieces from her “Barely There: When Less Is More” show, all delicate lines and ephemeral, fragile installation pieces, this elegance is readily appreciable. But despite its apparent frailty, hopefully, SLATE contemporary is here to stay.


SLATE contemporary, 473 25th St., (510) 652-4082,

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