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If you haven’t experienced the Oakland Art Murmur, go now. Put on your hippest thrift store threads and head directly to Telegraph Avenue and 23rd Street, the epicenter of the Murmur, on Nov. 3.
Twelve local galleries open their doors from 7 p.m. on for art showings on the first Friday of each month, and this burgeoning art scene has quickly become the toast of the town and the East Bay. Thousands of way-too-cool-for-school twentysomethings plus middle age mainstreamers descend on downtown, crowding into tiny gallery spaces and milling about expansive studios ogling art—good, weird, bad and experimental. (My personal favorite wasn’t at a Murmur gallery but rather in an adjacent storefront window: a half dozen miniature dioramas of super heroes getting trashed in their teeny, tiny cardboard houses, TV flickering in one.)
Of the seven galleries I hit in September, I spent the longest time taking in the paintings, blown glass and sculptures at the slickest of the seven, the Esteban Sabar Gallery, a grand and organized studio where art lovers flowed easily through a series of warrenlike rooms full of fresh art. I also lingered across the street at the collective Rock Paper Scissors, pawing through purses, shirts and cards after weaving my way through mobiles, works in progress and chatting critics.
In this issue, freelancer writer Alex Handy and photographer Lane Hartwell paint a lively portrait of the scene and the people behind it and in it—perfect for an introductory peek into the Murmur, so get going.
What, art’s not your thing? Maybe the sweet treats that contributor Maria Lorraine Binchet pegs as great taste sensations will make a lasting impression. She dishes on 10 delicious desserts that few will be able to resist in “Let’s Do Dessert,” exploring the East Bay’s penchant for celebrating the simple goodness of ingredients over leggy Las Vegas showgirl presentation. My sweet tooth has been aching since this foodie turned in her article, and Lori Eanes’ photography intensified the pain that only a sampling can cure. All I can think to say as I get ready to dig in is bon appétit.

Judith M. Gallman

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