Geography Lesson

    Your dining guide listing for Cafe Madrid [July/August 2007] contains an error. The town in Spain is Pamplona, not Pamploma. If my dad were alive, he would have lived in Oakland more than 100 years. He was born in Pamplona, where the bulls run, and I have lived in Oakland all my life (85 years). Please correct the spelling, which is very important to the town of Pamplona, Spain, and Cafe Madrid.

    Also, you never mention Mexicali Rose on Seventh and Clay, which has been there 80 years. I think a little write up about that restaurant would be nice. They have a terrific following.
Josephine Dowd

Another Idea

    How about an article on the Buffalo Bills’ first-round draft pick Marshawn Lynch, a running back from East Oakland and U.C. Berkeley? Love the magazine—good memories.
—Roy Bruno Jr.
Rochester, NY

Architect’s Note

    Many thanks for the article, “Into the Light” [September 2007], on Julie and Chuck Palley’s home. Everyone thinks the article looks terrific—the graphics, text, spread (not simply the architecture!). Friends and colleagues look forward to more beautiful, “tasty” work. Bravo, Oakland. Bravo, Oakland Magazine.
—Rebecca Schnier
Ed Note: Rebecca Schnier was the architect the couple hired to oversee the home renovation project.
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