Engage the People

Fire chief envisions a peaceful Oakland.


Fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed has lived in Oakland many decades and covets a more safe and peaceful community—one, in fact, that will be among the safest in the country.

“I want Oakland to be named to the top 10 list of America’s safest cities. I want the people of our community, particularly our children, to feel safe. It would be great if our kids could tell their kids, ‘When I was little, I could play in the streets, go to this park or that one, without an escort.’

“Part of making a city safe is having resources for young people that are appealing. Different age kids have different types of interests. What can we put together to engage them? There are already First Friday activities in different parts of the city—Downtown, Jack London Square. I’d like to see that kind of energy spread—to East Oakland, for example—so people don’t have leave their neighborhood to experience that kind of event.

“There’s more peace in Oakland, and we’ve got so much going for us. If we keep trying, we’ll get on that list.”

Civic Drawing Board asks Oakland citizens and civic leaders to identify a concrete change that would improve their town.

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