Who is Rhamesis Muncada, and why is he hated in the East Bay?

He’s the South Bay blogger that fans of the A’s love to hate.


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The mysterious nature of his background may also add to suspicions Oakland sports fans continue to have about Muncada and his blogging, if not a healthy dose of hysteria. On a few occasion during this past baseball season, some of Muncada’s detractors responded to photos he tweeted from his seat at the Coliseum by attempting to triangulate his location at the ballpark. On another occasion, some of his photos on Twitter suggested Muncada was seated in prime seats within the vicinity of Wolff’s seats behind home plate. On social media, Muncada is often accused of being in the pockets of the owner unpopular to many A’s fans. That the typically reclusive Wolff offered Muncada an interview a few years back certainly added to rampant suspicion. Muncada, though, has routinely denied the accusation.

“I’m sick of this guy … he’s always coming to the defense of Lew Wolff,” said Brien Dixon, an Alameda resident, who like Perez, has been intimately involved in the grassroots effort by fans to keep the A’s and Raiders in town. Dixon’s refrain is common to many A’s fans who charge Muncada gleefully takes every opportunity to shoot down any and all aspects of stadium proposals in Oakland. Dixon said he was so irritated by one of Muncada’s assessment of a possible waterfront ballpark for the A’s at Howard Terminal—that it was cost-prohibitive and unsafe—that Dixon took to Twitter to blast him. Muncada then blocked Dixon from his feed. He has also blocked Perez following numerous social media spats.

Meanwhile, Muncada’s blog postings often receive attribution from some local sports writers. Newballpark is often referenced by longtime San Jose Mercury News columnist Mark Purdy and San Francisco Chronicle A’s beat writer Susan Slusser. However, Purdy is also disliked by some fans in Oakland for a similar pro-San Jose tilt. Dixon believes the attention Muncada receives from the media is less about the blog’s pertinent information and more about it merely fitting a specific columnist’s narrative. “NewBallpark has a following and seems like a reputable source, but everything he writes also fits Purdy’s agenda.”

In all likelihood, a resolution to Oakland’s enduring stadium issues will arrive much sooner than later. There are signs Wolff now views the city as the most likely site for a new ballpark and the Raiders may not have anywhere else to go. And if the solution is positive and keeps both the A’s and Raiders in Oakland for generations to come, neither Perez nor Dixon appears ready to bury the hatchet with Muncada. “What is the next NewBallpark site going to be?” Dixon gloats. “Because this one will be done.”

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