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Diehard Fan
I have been an Oakland sports fan for over 40 years. I have enjoyed the highs and lows. I was just at the San Diego ballpark, and the development of their downtown has been amazing. Why don’t our local and national representatives get behind something similar? We just gave $250 million in aid to Israel. I can appreciate what a complex situation that is. However, think of the impact that would have had on Oakland.  Let’s get our officials motivated to do something positive that moves Oakland forward.
Joe Linhares, Via email

’Qing It Up at the Lake
Our coverage in September on chill-and-grill Sundays at Lake Merritt prompted these comments:

I really like your article and it demonstrates how Oakland is evolving into a real full-time gathering place. I have witnessed these gatherings as I walk by or ride my bike around my neighborhood. It is very nice to see people really enjoying the park and the lake and each other’s company. What bothers me about these gatherings is the amount of trash that is left behind. The garbage cans that we have are not sufficient for these types of gatherings. There are some who don’t even bother to attempt to remove their garbage. And then there are the charcoal remains that are dumped in the park. There are large aluminum garbage cans that the Dept of Parks and Rec have issued for dumping charcoal remains but not everyone uses them. This area is literally transformed into a dump. The birds and other scavengers such as rats enjoy the buffet. It is a blight. Please consider removing your garbage—take it with you and dump it in your own garbage cans at home. Those of us who live nearby will really appreciate it.
Scott Phipps via Facebook

My family use to have lunch in the park often in the 70s.
I Love Oakland, CA via Facebook

July’s article on Knowland Park and the Oakland Zoo [“There Is No Middle Ground at Oakland’s Knowland Park”] identified Laura Baker as the president of the East Bay Chapter of California Native Plant Society when she is the former conservation chair. Also, maritime chaparral is a shrub community, not a grassland. And the lawsuit was litigated in court with the judge deciding against the society’s claim.

Sports Talk
Good long read on the (uncertain) future of pro sports in Oakland — 1 team already leaving, 2 remaining.
From Adam Carstens @AdamCarstens via Twitter

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