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1. Zen Inspiration Rescues Memoirist Wanda Hennig
Binge eating and sensual pleasures, apocalypse and government spies, a way of life and taking chances are the prevalent themes of this month’s books.
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2. In the Mix
Enter a Den of Delicious Decadence
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3. Around the Town
Beauty, Art and Fashion from Fire
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4. Around Town
If you know what you’re looking for, you won’t miss Cycles of Change APC, the nonprofit bike shop that’s tucked into a section of a huge warehouse across from the Alameda Point Collaborative offices.
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5. The Six Questions: Beatrice Stonebanks
She’s a feminine-dominant communications pro, Toastmasters officer, publisher, and sales management consultant who believes in the power of sex on the business side.
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6. Around the Town
Chuck DiGuida is in his element on this Friday night.
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7. Souley Vegan
Okra, tofu and vegan — an unlikely trio, thinking of marriages made in food-heaven. You must have heard the comments about okra: “Oh, no — it’s so slimy.” And tofu? On it’s own, it’s bland to the power of zero; experimented with, tofu’s versatility is boggling.
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8. Therapy
Laughter—It’s the Best Medicine
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9. Second Helpings
It was a balmy evening in an East Contra Costa winery garden. Tables set out on the lawn and conversation flowing liberally like the wine.
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10. First-Glass Art
Renaissance man Allen Mueller’s stained glass creations are inspired by his imagination in combination with the colors of nature’s spring palette and shapes emblematic of where nature and mathematics dissect.
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11. In the Mix
Minh Tsai Makes Soy Beans Delectable
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12. Too Many Cooks?
When eight East Bay culinary divas stir the pot and spill the beans, what you get is a sizzling stir fry of raucous musings, candidness, collaboration, ebullience and deliciousness.
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13. Second Helpings
Chocolate Pie Wins Out
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14. Way of the Dragon Boat
Up for a paddle? You could go solo and pilot your own canoe.
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15. Natural Wonders
The day of the carved marble fountain, at its best a work of art but more often resembling an ornamental cake, has given way to the water feature inspired by nature.
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16. Senior Moments
Growing older is a fact of life. Same as with most things, it seems what you see (as in how you look at it) is what you get.
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17. Flavors of Florentines article 100 %
18. Around the Town
Lights, Focus, Action — It’s Alameda on Camera
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19. Second Helpings
In my opinion, on a chilly spring evening there’s little that can beat a bowl of hot and hearty soup.
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20. Food as Medicine, Medicine as Food article 100 %