Soul Food and Tacos

What's Oakland's signature dish?


Laurie McNease: Chicken and waffles.

Steve Diciucci: We’re so ethnically diverse here. With the Asian part of town, there’s a lot of good Asian dishes. And then with the black community, there’s all the soul food-that’s always been big. And there was an Italian community, so there’s a lot of Italian delis. Now we have a huge Korean section, Eritrean, Ethiopian. So I really wouldn’t be prejudiced and name any one thing.

Dale Breese: I’d have to choose Bakesale Betty’s chicken sandwich.

Maxwell Saephan: It’s a tough one. It could be anything. The best Mexican food-start with the fish taco at Baja Taqueria, yep. Or carne asada fries: french fries with steak, sour cream, and cheese at the taco truck at International and 55th.

Mark P. Fisher: The okra at Church’s Fried Chicken, because it’s actually a real church. It’s the Church of Fried Chicken.

Wendy Winter: I’d say wood-fired pizza-or maybe just wood-fired anything, like what they’re doing at Camino.

Joe Kretlow: I would probably have to say a shrimp burrito. If you go downtown, there are so many new restaurants. You go downtown, and everywhere I turn around, there’s a new restaurant. And it’s filling up all the old spaces and making our town look great. I don’t feel a need to go to San Francisco, because there’s so much going on in Oakland. You don’t need to cross the bridge.

Rebecca Bonthius: Amazonas Pizza. Or soul food.

Bobby Williams: Smothered steak, ricey-gravy, candied yams, collard greens, and cornbread, mmmm.

Jane Adell: It would have be the $1.25 al pastor tacos from any one of Oakland’s multitude of wonderful taco trucks.


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