Artistic Disagreement

    We recently received the July issue of the magazine with the Style article “The Oakland Period,” which includes us, MRCW Design/Build. We are very disappointed in the misrepresentation. It is unfortunate that the writer, Alex Handy, did not consult us or our Web site more thoroughly to become fully informed of our work. Now we receive telephone calls to haul away people’s used furniture! We never use material found at Urban Ore, which was the photographer’s idea to use as a backdrop. We use locally salvaged trees that are then milled and fabricated into fine, custom furniture and architectural structures. Since Alex saw our work at FiveTen studios, none of which uses reused material, it escapes me how he can describe us in this manner.
    The article created the opposite reaction of what we would have hoped for being featured in a serious magazine. As a craftsperson, one of the unique aspects of Oakland is the concentration of traditional artisans and craftsman. As a design/build business, we work with many craftspeople, from glass casting, metal forging and builders, and what unites these people is the inherent resourcefulness that comes with being a craftsman: When you work material with your hands and know where the material comes from, you have more of a reason to respect it and use it with care.
    We hope a future article can correct this mistake and give a more informed view of what we do.

Chris Weiss, MRCW Design/Build


    Oakland Magazine regrets any confusion that photographing the artists featured in the article “The Oakland Period” at Urban Ore may have caused since the outlet is not a source of material for all of them as the caption stated. The site was chosen to emphasize the usefulness of recycled material. Regarding Chris Weiss, the article reported he uses salvaged wood when in fact he seeks out urban trees destined for the wood chipper, turning them into works of art or using them intact in building projects.


    I wanted to let you know how much I’m already enjoying reading Oakland Magazine–from the photos and graphics to the environmental pieces to interviews to happenings. Wow, it’s quite a work of art, soul and dedication. It’s great to learn so much about Oakland (Alameda, too)–its people and places.

Linda Yelnick, Manager, GIGZ Management,
San Mateo

Dogged Thanks

    Thanks so much for the nice article [“Fun for Fido,” July 2008] about the Mosswood dog run! Great to see the pup in print. No offers to pay for a water fountain yet, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you included the plea. I am hearing from others who liked the article, though.

Seth Katz, Oakland

Bird’s Nest Thanks

    Just read the article [“A Lofty Experience,” May] online and it’s really great! Dan Jewett completely captured the flavor of the Bird’s Nest and its spirit. Thank you so much for mentioning Jim Eckford’s contribution to things; he’s so subtly in the background sometimes but really such a contributor. I couldn’t do it without his support and Larry Smith’s and people like Brigitte Schoppmann who are so supportive in helping to spread the word—and Dan! And Lewis Smith’s picture is fantastic.

Cathi Walkup, Oakland

Kudos for Kids

    I have read your May issue and the piece, “ExtraOAKLANDary Students,” about the class of 2008. I wanted to let you know how great of an article that was, and it very much caught my attention.

Le Tran, Student Body President
Oakland Technical High School

More on Downtown, Please

    We are a local family-owned day spa in downtown Oakland and enjoy your magazine; however, we would like to read more about our area in downtown Oakland because our business, Nailphoria Day Spa, is near great eateries along 13th and 14th and Franklin streets, an area that is overlooked.

Ke Norman, Oakland

More Thanks

    Thanks very much for such a great article, “Fall into the Trappist” [June 2008] in Oakland Magazine. We greatly appreciate it! I really like the photograph you used ... and Dan Jewett did a great job writing the story.

Aaron Porter, Oakland

Best of Complaint

    Your June Best Of issue named Little Shin Shin as the best Chinese restaurant for 2008. My family and I ate there weekly for a number of years. As soon as Teresa sold it, the food became tasteless. Our old favorites are disappointing. You might try Holly’s Mandarin on Piedmont Avenue. Holly is a former waitperson from Little Shin Shin. She hired the longtime cook from Shin Shin. She and her husband, Norman, also a former waitperson from Oakland Chinatown, are hosts at a place that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but their presentation of meals is lovely, not to mention the superior quality of food.

Harriette Louie, Oakland

Missing Name

    I attended the June launch party event, which was quite nice. As I was glancing at the pictures from the event, I noticed my picture on page 25 with two other women. I am the person in the middle. The other two names you mention are Deborah Bradley and Tracy Zollinger. Keep up the good work with the magazine—it has filled a void.

Jacqueline Boggan, Oakland

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