Oakland's Free Range Flower Winery Plans Takeover Party

This wine is made locally with flowers — not grapes.


Image courtesy of Free Range Flower Winery

Oakland's Free Range Flower Winery makes wine from flowers, not grapes. It's handcrafted in 25-gallon batches, sold in 500-ml. bottles, and contains 13.5 percent alcohol by volume.

The "florification" process takes place in unfiltered, pressurized unitanks, and entails lees — the yeast and other natural elements that settle on the bottoms of tanks during fermentation. 

Winemaker Aaliyah Nitoto helms the company with her partner Sam Prestianni.

They describe their wine as conveying "an implied sweetness." 

FRFW's inaugural release was a naturally effervescent lavender wine, "L," made from locally sourced organic lavender flowers and lemons and, according to its makers, unique worldwide.

The first-ever batch of "L" sold out at the winery's launch party in Uptown recently. Subsequent demand has been so fervent that Free Range has since doubled its production capacity. 

Lacking its own tasting room, FRFW is partnering with other local makers for special events. A free-admission "guest tap takeover party" is set for Friday, August 17 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Crooked City Cider/Two Mile Wines. 

The folks from FRFW shared with us this recipe for a cocktail featuring their lavender wine:

The Mark Cuban

1½ oz. dark rum

1 oz.  fresh lemon juice

¾ oz. St. Germain

5 fresh mint leaves


Top off with “L” Lavender Wine

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