Not All of the San Joaquin Valley Is the Same

Readers may not like our sense of geography, but they love our dedication.


East or West SJV?

When water in agriculture is controversial [“Trading Salmon for Almonds,” September] it seems to always center on the San Joaquin Valley. I would like to challenge every writer who thinks they know something about the subject to be specific.

There is a west side and east side of the San Joaquin Valley. The west side farms are the remnants of some interesting history (read Industrial Cowboys), large farming operations which were bailed out years ago by the Delta Mendota Canal and State Water project, stabilizing ground water tables, reducing land subsidence.

The east side of much of the San Joaquin Valley was not the beneficiary of these projects and is not capable of receiving any benefits. As an example, on the east side of Merced County, all water improvements have been borne on the backs of the local users; with these, we provide fish hatcheries, recreation, and economic benefits to thousands of small farmers compared to the west side. Although we raise almonds, we also produce many specialty crops with many ethnically diverse farmers involved.

The purpose is that you be distinct when you talk about the San Joaquin Valley and water.

Bob Weimer, Atwater


Good Work

My name is Nick Maccarone and I recently started a site called, an online community dedicated to promoting only positive news, culture, and events out of Oakland. I wanted to let you know I really enjoy your publication and find it an important resource. Keep up the great work!

Nick Maccarone, Oakland



The architect identified in “The Kitchen of Their Dreams” [June] is Rebecca Schnier.

Norman La Force is an attorney and chairman—not chairwoman as misstated—of the San Francisco Bay chapter of the Sierra Club [“The Battle for Point Molate,” September].

The correct spelling of the name of the Swell bar manager is Mark Berkley [“God Serve the Queen,” September].

Lincoln Families COO Nancy Oakley and Nathaniel Foster appear in the first photo of Snapshots [“Lincoln ROOT 16 Sets a New Record,” September], and the organization’s correct URL is

The word genteel was misspelled as gentile in the headline of September’s Grand Tour.


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