2016 Voter Guide

Our endorsements for the Nov. 8 election.



President: Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senate: No endorsement

13th Congressional District: Barbara Lee



9th State Senate District: Nancy Skinner

15th Assembly District: Tony Thurmond

18th Assembly District: Rob Bonta



City Council

At-Large: Rebecca Kaplan

District 1: Dan Kalb

District 3: No endorsement

District 5: Noel Gallo

District 7: Larry Reid


School Board

District 1: Jody London

District 3: Jumoke Hinton Hodge

District 5: Roseann Torres

District 7: James Harris


Ballot Measures

Measure HH: Yes

Measure II: Yes

Measure JJ: Yes

Measure KK: Yes

Measure LL: Yes

Measure G1: Yes



City Council: Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and Malia Vella

Measure K1: Yes

Measure L1: No

Measure M1: No

Measure B1: Yes



Mayor: Laurie Capitelli


City Council

District 2: Darryl Moore

District 3: Deborah Matthews

District 5: Stephen Murphy

District 6: Susan Wengraf



Measure E1: Yes

Measure T1: Yes

Measure U1: Yes

Measure V1: Yes

Measure W1: Yes

Measure X1: No endorsement

Measure Y1: No endorsement

Measure Z1: Yes

Measure AA: No

Measure BB: No

Measure CC: No

Measure DD: No


Alameda County

Measure A1: Yes

Superior Court Judge: Scott Jackson


AC Transit

Ward 2: Greg Harper

At Large: Chris Peeples

Measure C1: Yes



District 3: Rebecca Saltzman

District 7: Lateefah Simon

Measure RR: Yes


East Bay Regional Park District

Ward 2: Dee Rosario

Ward 4: Ellen Corbett


Peralta Community College District

Area 6: Karen Weinstein


State Propositions

Prop. 51: No endorsement

Prop. 52: No endorsement

Prop. 53: No

Prop. 54: Yes

Prop. 55: Yes

Prop. 56: Yes

Prop. 57: Yes

Prop. 58: Yes

Prop. 59: No endorsement

Prop. 60: No endorsement

Prop. 61: No endorsement

Prop. 62: No endorsement

Prop. 63: Yes

Prop. 64: Yes

Prop. 65: No endorsement

Prop. 66: No.

Prop. 67: No endorsement


Our endorsements are unanimous selections of the editorial board. 


Originally Published Oct. 21, 2016 at 3:59 p.m.

Updated Nov. 2, 2016 at 4:37 p.m.

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