Vote Yes on Oakland’s Measure KK: The Infrastructure Bond

Oakland needs more affordable housing, and its streets are badly in need of repair.


Mayor Libby Schaaf is the chief sponsor of Measure KK.

Chris Duffey/File photo

Anyone who has driven or biked on Oakland’s streets knows first-hand how hazardous they are. Riddled with potholes and plagued by crumbling asphalt, the city’s roads are badly in need of repair.

In addition, anyone who has tried to find a place to live in Oakland knows firsthand how difficult it is. Competition for for-sale and rental housing is fierce and prices have soared far beyond what low-income residents can afford.

That’s why we think voting for Measure KK is a no-brainer. The $600 million property tax on the Nov. 8 ballot would earmark $350 million for street paving and reconstruction, and would pay for more bike lanes and pedestrian walkways.

Backed by Mayor Libby Schaaf, Measure KK also would set aside $100 million in funds for the city to acquire, refurbish, and construct low-income housing that will remain affordable for years to come.

The bond measure also would set aside $130 million for infrastructure upgrades of libraries, parks, and fire and police facilities, while the remaining $20 million would finance water, clean energy, and seismic improvements.

Yes, $600 million is a lot of money, and once the bonds are all sold, it will cost property owners a significant sum: $79 per $100,000 of assessed property value. But it also will create numerous construction jobs, boost the city’s economy, and improve the lives of all Oaklanders.

We think it’s worth it.


Published Oct. 13, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

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