Down on Children’s-UCSF Merger

Readers share their thoughts about UCSF taking on Children’s Hospital.


Children’s Merger

I have worked at Children’s Hospital Oakland for 38 years and want to thank you for your informative and balanced report on the merger with UCSF [“Children’s Hospital’s Uncertain Future,” July]. I hope it will encourage your readers to contribute to the hospital and contact their local, state, and federal government officials to encourage them to increase the funding for this jewel of the East Bay.

Many members of my own family have received treatment here. It would be tragic if any of the current staff or programs have to be cut.

—Van Moeller


I appreciate your article, especially the comments of Drs. Hastings and Vichinsky. But I wonder why you chose to show Michael Anderson, CHO’s president, rigged out in lab coat and stethoscope, as if he’s assessing patients and fielding parents’ questions. And you save the executive salaries for way down the article.

Health care cannot be run like a business without shutting out the people who need it but who are not lucky enough to have insurance—even that is not enough in many cases.

—MJ Cowart


UCSF took us over, is now making all the decisions and is saying, “Oh look, you are losing money.” To add insult to injury they are charging us management fees.

A big loss for Oakland and the East Bay.

—Deborah Bayer


Pleasant Hill, Too

There is affordable housing already built and occupied in the development on BART land at the Pleasant Hill BART Station, which meets BART’s affordable requirement [“Building Around BART,” July]. At the Walnut Creek Station, the City of Walnut Creek requires an in-lieu fee, which is used to aggregate affordable housing at sites in the city.

—Gail Murray, former BART board member


ALS Journey

What a lovely piece Lou Fancher wrote about Marissa Moss and Last Things [“Shades of Gray, July]. Lou really picked up on things I haven’t seen in the coverage, like the significance of the words “last things” and Marissa’s commitment to small publishers and Creston Books.

—Helena Brantley

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