About That District 6 Race

Reader feedback on last month's issue.


About That District 6 Race

I’m hearing what the other candidates are feeling strong about for the future of D6 [“The Fight for District 6,” September]. I look forward to hearing what the “popular” incumbents’ plans are to be re-elected and follow through with action. Words are not enough any longer for D6. If they were, D6 would look closer to D4, D2, even D3 for that matter and it doesn’t. You get more flies with honey than vinegar.

S Jones


There is absolutely no evidence to back up the author’s assertion that “in Oakland’s District 6, Brooks remains incredibly popular.” Sure, as the next sentence reveals, her supporters, um, support her, but there is not a statistic to be found to support the assertion that Brooks is not just popular, but “incredibly” popular. Please add evidence if you have evidence.

Justin Horner


She’s completely inept and terrible.

Jesse Budlong


Be Nice, Mr. Kohles

It’s unfortunate that he [“Seeking Perfection on the Stage,” September] has to be a complete a**hole and uses fear and shame to get the best out of the kids.

Lucy Bellman


A Real Doer

Lots of people talk, but Regina Jackson [“On a Mission for Kids,” July] walks the walk! A living hero in the Oakland community!!

PB Miles



Our story “Scooters Are Here, Like It or Not” [September] incorrectly stated that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission created a permit application process for unpermitted scooters; in fact, it was the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. We misspelled the name of Corinne Jan, the chief executive officer of Family Bridges, in “Building Bridges for Immigrants” [Snapshots, September]. A caption also misspelled the name of Marlo Rodriguez in the Oakland’s District 6 election [“The Fight for District 6”].

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