On Safe and Unsafe Ground

The consensus is mostly positive for Oaktown


Do you feel safe in Oakland?

Jordan Wilson: For the most part, I totally feel safe. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I know the city well. I don’t feel like someone is out to get me. I think Oakland has a bad rep for being dangerous, and it’s really not. Oakland is home. Oakland is the spot.

Dusty Blue: I live in North Oakland, so not really. My house got broken into a few months ago. We made a report about it online, because it was during the holidays and a sporting event was happening, so I knew there was no way we could possibly get a police to come out. I hear gunshots from my home regularly. I’m a block away from San Pablo Avenue. I keep everything locked up, and I’m very careful when I have to walk the streets at night. From my experience, in my neighborhood, I would say it’s not the safest place to live.

Andrea Faber: Sure I do. I don’t go to dark places at night or put myself in unsafe situations. Besides that, anything can happen anywhere. Accidents and trouble are everywhere. And really, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about things like that. I love living in Oakland. It’s diverse, progressive, has great dining, and is only getting better.

Sabrina Santoyo: I work in Oakland, and I do feel safe here. I haven’t had any incidents to make me feel otherwise. I grew up here in Oakland, so I know it well. Working in Montclair Village feels a lot safer than other areas of Oakland.

Edgar Reyes: Not really. I have to watch my surroundings constantly. I see people hanging out on the streets staring at everyone who walks by. I live in Oakland and I work on East 12th, which is somewhat hidden. My work is near BART, but the street doesn’t have a lot of eyes on it. It’s quiet, and things could happen, and no one would know. I would say I don’t feel as safe as I should half of the time.

Ramona Chacon: I’ve always felt safe in Oakland, because I use caution—I do wherever I am. Even though I know bad things happen, I still feel OK here. I don’t walk around using my cellphone or have money visible or easily accessible. I’m vigilant about paying attention to my surroundings. I carry my keys in my hand before I leave work, and I carry the one with a sharp point dominantly.

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