Pacific Standard Is Berkeley's Newest Beer Hub

This inland outpost of Half Moon Bay Brewing Company also sells growlers-to-go.


All images: Kristan Lawson

Foam sweet foam!

Pacific Standard Taproom & Growler Station, aka downtown Berkeley's newest beer-porium (beer-pourium? sudsery? hopspot?) threw a media party last night to herald its grand opening this week.

General manager Nate Rey thanked the whole team--many of whom hail from Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, whose new inland outpost this is--and explained that Pacific Standard is so named because "we aim to showcase not just Half Moon Bay Brewing Company beers but beers, wines, ciders and non-alcoholic beverages made all along the whole Pacific coast, from Mexico all the way up to Alaska." 

Living up to that promise, on tap were numerous HMB products including Saison and Pumpkin Harvest Ale along with some two dozen other choices, including tasty Orange Ave. Wit from SoCal-based Coronado Brewing Company and smooth cider from Philo-based Gowan Orchards. These paired well with items to be featured on Pacific Standard's menu, such as addictive spiced nuts, thick hot sandwiches, and chewy, plump soft pretzels in a bouquet of flavor options including cheese, sesame seed, and chili.

The East Bay's symphony of whooshing taps just got a bit more enchanting. 

Published Oct. 19, 2016 at 3:18 p.m.

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