Parker Piece All Puff

One reader chastises our Bryan Parker profile, but a few fans pipe up about Death Cafes and Barbara Dane.


Your profile of Mr. Parker [“Bryan Parker is Back on the Playing Field,” October] gushed without providing any real details. So Parker shows up at Castlemont’s practices for a few weeks (article unclear on his time) in the pre-season and he raises money with a site on Tilt and your article says that Castlemont is back (after one game) “largely due to Parker’s leadership.” The article provides no support for this bold statement! At least you mentioned Coach Washington on page two.

There were few specifics about his involvement at Castlemont, beyond a few titles, so what was the point of the article? There are many interesting stories about high school football at underfunded Oakland high schools—your boring puff piece about Bryan Parker was not one of them.

Paul Lecky, Berkeley


Emergent Ground

The students’ work that appears in the article [“Making Makers in the Fab Lab,” October] is the result of a 120-hour, six-week-long summer workshop run by Emergent Ground, an emerging nonprofit organization based in Oakland. Our integrated arts and design programming equips youth—primarily youth of color from disenfranchised communities—with the skills, tools, and resources to be leaders in re-envisioning and re-making out world. The article does not mention our organization and credits SUDAworks with our curriculum and the program itself. SUDAworks provides a platform that cannot be delivered without its partners.

Hope McManus, Co-founder and Co-executive director, Emergent Ground


Facing Mortality

I want to express my appreciation for the article on Death Cafe Oakland [“Not to Be Morbid, But Let’s Talk About Death,” October.] Good concept, good writing, good editing, and good photography.

You should know that I tweeted a photo of the cover to @SarahPalin. No response yet, but I’ll advise as soon as she returns what I am sure will be a very thoughtful tweet. I shop frequently at the Piedmont Market and it got my attention when the workers there all started teasing me about being on the cover. That was fun.

Again, thank you for your good work. Death Cafe Oakland is a labor of love for me, as I am sure your magazine is for you.

Bill Palmer, Oakland


Great Dane

Really great article on Barbara Dane [“Barbara Dane’s Wild Ride,” October] by Michael C. Healy. It should have been on the cover of your magazine.

Carl Martineau, Berkeley

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